Patriots to sign Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow will sign with the New England Patriots. Does it impact his fantasy value? Not really.

Unexpected (and expected) for Week 8: We want Tebow

I have no idea what any of that means, but it’s just awesome to look at. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the weird, wild and wacky stuff from Week 8.

Unexpected (and expected): Tim Tebow starts!

Tim TebowTim Tebow makes the start for the New York Jets … just not where you would expect.

The Jets and Bengals give us one more reason to use caution when judging preseason games…

Every time we talk about the preseason, it comes with a caveat: It’s only the preseason. It doesn’t really count. Teams aren’t using their best game plans, stars only play a few plays and the models of evaluation are different. For teams, the focus shifts from, “Can this player thrive in our scheme?” to “Can he win 1-on-1 battles?” The best performances (hello, Julio Jones) and the worst (ouch, Kevin Kolb) should be taken with a pound of salt. This was all reinforced Friday night quite nicely during the New York Jets’ 17-6 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. As the New York Post pointed out, Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis called Jets coach Rex Ryan and asked him not to run […]

Live from Tahoe: Ex-Florida coach Urban Meyer is happy Tim Tebow is getting back to his roots

As soon as the Jets acquired Tim Tebow,the questions began about how he would fit in. There is some doubt, for instance, about whether a two-QB system could work. But they obviously want him for a reason. So… huh? Well, ESPN New York reported that the Jets are planning to use Tebow as a red-zone option, taking starter Mark Sanchez out at times inside the 20. Interesting idea. But not new. In fact, when Tebow was a freshman at Florida, he was the backup to nearly-as-heralded Chris Leak. Essentially, playing in the red zone was his role. Don’t believe me? Let’s ask a dude who knows. I spoke with ex-Florida coach Urban Meyer coming off the course during a practice round […]

Tim Tebow, Drew Brees shine at the ESPY awards

In any event, NFL players made a big splash during the ESPY awards and here’s a look at the NFL winners.

Tebowing not as easy as it looks.

Professional athletes often make things seem so easy, they often carry the warning, “Don’t try this at home.” Perhaps the warning should extend to reporters who attempt the art of “Tebowing” with a tablet in their hand, as Shira Lazar found out on the red carpet of the Samsung Hope for Children Gala.

The Jets get a glimpse of Tebowmania… including a poor dog’s new name

Well, this didn’t take long. You knew the Jets would wrap their arms around Tebowmania. And you knew they were entering another world when Tim Tebow’s introductory news conference was treated like a gala. But I feel like it really crystalized today. Media members who cover the Jets were allowed in the locker room today for the first time this offseason, and Tebow received most of the attention. Duh. And as you can see here, here, and here, it was an epic period of media access. Those Gang Green reporters are never boring. And Tebow contradicting a report about where he lived was fantastic. But the best and most absurd thing was that Tebow — ready for this?? — changed the […]

NFL reader predictions for Tim Tebow

It’s almost a certainty that Tim Tebow is going to eventually be the starting quarterback for the Jets, right? I predicted Tebow becomes the Jets starter in Week 6 against the Colts. But not everybody is in agreement.

A first look at Tim Tebow in uniform

Thanks to Panini America, the group that brought us the Peyton Manning trading cards, we can now see what Tim Tebow will look like as a member of the Jets.

Jets and Jaguars back to talking Tebow trade with Broncos

The Jets and Jaguars are now in discussions with Broncos about a potential trade for QB Tim Tebow, league sources said Wednesday.

Broncos want $5M from Jets in Tebow trade

The Jets’ trade for Tim Tebow might have hit a snag, with the Broncos asking for $5 million.

Tebow to New York is good for fantasy enthusiasts

Let’s take a moment to ignore some of the obvious jokes of Tim Tebow going to the Jets and look at the positives from a fantasy perspective. The biggest positive being you won’t be tempted to take Tebow or Mark Sanchez in your fantasy draft this year. So we have that.

Rams have strong interest in QB Tebow

League sources said Wednesday that the Rams are strongly interested in acquiring one-time Broncos starting QB Tim Tebow.

Ex-LB Porter: Tebow the ‘Bieber of the NFL’

After suggesting that any team that moves to acquire Broncos QB Tim Tebow would be doing so to chase ticket sales, former NFL LB Joey Porter made a pop-culture analogy that is sure to rile Tebow’s fans.

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