Social (Fantasy) Network: Now or never

In this week’s Social (Fantasy) Network, we put together a pre-game pep talk for everyone playing in their fantasy league championship game.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Do over!

In this week’s Social (Fantasy) Network, we ask if there’s anything fantasy owners wish they could have a “do over” for.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Sob Stories

This week’s Social (Fantasy) Network says goodbye to fantasy enthusiasts who failed to make the playoffs, but offers them one final chance to vent their frustration.

Social (Fantasy) Network: You’re my guy!

As the fantasy regular season draws to a close, Marcas Grant wants to know which players fantasy owners are depending on for their final push to the postseason.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Better than advertised

In this week’s Social (Fantasy) Network, Marcas Grant runs through several of the fantasy players who have been better than advertised in 2012.

Social (Fantasy) Network: You’re fired!

Sundays are a long day in this office — you can file that under ‘Duh” — which doesn’t always jibe well with my late Saturday nights watching bad 1960s sci-fi. Then again, who can resist Jane Fonda in the cinematic classic Barbarella? Am I right, Ted Turner? The good news is that it’s nothing a bottle of coconut water and an energy shot can’t fix. Except instead of hitting up the convenience store a block from offices, which has exactly what I’m looking for, I decided to try one a little closer to home. There, I came face-to-face with a host of oddly-flavored options, none of which was exactly what I was looking for. Nonetheless I decided to be adventurous. […]

Social (Fantasy) Network: Great Expectations

It was the best of picks. It’s been the worst of picks. Last week in this space, we discussed the players who have earned your vote for mid-season fantasy MVP. It’s only fitting that we follow it up with the season’s biggest fantasy disappointments. Here we have the guys who were added to your rosters in August with so much promise, but the reality? Not so much. It’s like buying a ticket to see The Avengers only to end up seeing The Avengers. So, friends, we open the Social (Fantasy) Network to you. Tell us who the biggest fantasy disappointment has been this season. Similar to last week, there’s one name I expected to see more than the others. But there was […]

Social (Fantasy) Network: Invaluable

Who is your mid-season fantasy MVP? Log on to the Social (Fantasy) Network and let us know.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Either/Or

Who needs a win more this week — your fantasy team or your real one? We work out the fantasy owner’s angst in the Social (Fantasy) Network.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Real genius

Once upon a time, the word “genius” was reserved for those who truly deserved it. It was only applied to titans of thought like Albert Einstein, innovators like Bill Walsh or however it is you define Nicolas Cage. But things started to go south when the Tom Tom Club wrote the nonsensical (yet still catchy) “Genius of Love”,  then Christopher Lloyd and Kathleen Turner starred in an awful movie that used the word in the title and it’s been pretty much downhill ever since. So let’s restore the good name of genius and use it for appropriate things like having the foresight to avoid the freeway during rush hour, ordering dessert before dinner … or most importantly, selecting a receiver in the […]

Social (Fantasy) Network: Trade deficits

Play fantasy football long enough and you’ll receive a suspect trade offer. Some are more suspect than others. In this week’s Social (Fantasy) Network, we point and laugh at some of the worst.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Can’t get right

Just like unsuccessfully trying to find the most fluid lane of traffic, there are fantasy guys that some of us can just never solve. Here’s your chance to gripe about them in the Social (Fantasy) Network.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Correcting the record

A stat correction this week upset a handful of fantasy owners who had their results changed. In this week’s Social (Fantasy) Network, we ask if there should be a statute of limitations on stat changes in fantasy football.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Rules are made to be changed

Everyone has a rule or two they wish they could change about fantasy football. Marcas Grant runs through a few of them in this week’s Social (Fantasy) Network.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Suffering buyer’s remorse

Everyone has one fantasy football draft pick they wish they could get a mulligan for. Since we haven’t mastered time travel, Marcas Grant gives owners a chance to vent in this week’s Social (Fantasy) Network.

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