Social (Fantasy) Network: Take out the trash

This week, the Social (Fantasy) Network gets the playoffs started with a little good-natured trash talking.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Giving thanks

In this week’s Social (Fantasy) Network, we ask which fantasy stars people are most thankful for.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Tricks of the trade

A large part of what makes fantasy football fun is the ability to make trades. Everyone thinks they have the ability to be a great general manager, so what better way than to move pieces around to try and compile the best roster? Of course not every trade offer is even … or at least what most of us would call even. If you ever want an interesting look at what some people consider “fair market value”, just look at some of the trade proposals that get offered in your fantasy league. With that in mind, the Social (Fantasy) Network boots up this week and asks: What’s the worst trade deal you’ve been offered? It seems bad trade offers fall […]

Social (Fantasy) Network: You’re the man

In this week’s Social (Fantasy) Network, we ask who fantasy owners are most counting on to help them make it to the playoffs.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Bend the rules

In this week’s Social (Fantasy) Network, we want to know which rules you’d like to see changed.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Right on target

There are few things as predictably anti-climactic in all of major pro sports as the NFL trading deadline. Every season, we hear plenty of names of guys who could change addresses and rarely does it ever happen. It re-defines the idea of all smoke and no fire. Thankfully, the fantasy trade market isn’t nearly as uneventful. But the deadline to make fantasy deals is coming soon, and with teams jockeying for postseason position, the Social (Fantasy) Network wants to take a peek inside your war rooms. So we asked question: Who are you targeting before the fantasy trade deadline? Apparently some of you are aiming high. Just be prepared to pay through the nose. Certainly in this new football world […]

Social (Fantasy) Network: Value is where you find it

In this week’s Social (Fantasy) Network, we ask who your midseason MVP is .

Social (Fantasy) Network: M.A.S.H Units

In this week’s Social (Fantasy) Network, we want to know how you’re dealing with your injury-riddled roster.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Can I get a mulligan?

In the Social (Fantasy) Network this week, we ask who you would draft if you could do it all over again.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Postseason plans

In this week’s Social (Fantasy) Network, we want to know if your team is on a playoff path.

Social (Fantasy) Network: What’s in a name?

In the Social (Fantasy) Network this week, we look at team names and whether it’s ever okay to change them mid-season.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Let’s make a deal!

In this week’s Social (Fantasy) Network, Marcas Grant asks when is the perfect time to make a deal.

Social (Fantasy) Network: The Big Letdown

In this week’s Social (Fantasy) Network, we’re giving you the chance to vent over the players who broke your heart in Week 1.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Picks of the litter

In the return of the Social (Fantasy) Network, we find out the savviest draft picks around as we celebrate the opening of the 2013 fantasy football season.

Social (Fantasy) Network: Lesson plans

Alas, we have come to the end. It’s been 16 weeks of triumphs, defeats, inspirations and frustrations. Now we boot up the Social (Fantasy) Network one last time to talk about all that we’ve learned here together. That’s right, it’s like those hokey, last-day-of-school pseudo-essays your teacher makes you write as a de facto evaluation of your time in class. The difference here is that this is actually fun. And it’s only 140 characters. As always, I’ve culled some of your many tweets and tried my best to distill them down into a handful of important fantasy life lessons that you can take with you into the future. This is where I’d normally include a Dr. Seuss quote and something […]

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