Rap Sheet Rankings: The Week 7 Edition

Every week, I stare at the schedule and try to make sense of what we’re about to see. I try to judge what’s the game I’m looking forward to most, then go from there. Tough one this week, though. On the field, I literally can’t wait for Seahawks-49ers. Two hard-nosed, tough-as-nails defenses against hard-core running attacks. I’ll be happy if Seattle RB Marshawn Lunchpail and San Fran LB Patrick Willis just run into each other 50 times. However… it just doesn’t have hold the gravity of the other two top games. Patriots-Jets is always intense, both off the field and on. There is some serious AFC East supremacy at stake, still. And how can you go wrong with Texans-Ravens (the […]

Rap Sheet Rankings: The Week 6 Edition

This is not one of those weeks where we have to search far and wide for the best games. Really, the first three or four are fairly obvious. I love the historic rivalry of Giants-49ers, and I’m intrigued by the clashing styles of Patriots-Seahawks. Of course, there are serious ramifications for the Cowboys-Ravens game. But for me, the best one is Packers-Texans. The intrigue abounds. If the Texans, one of the NFL’s undefeated teams, is as flawless as we think, they’ll win. If the Packers are as high-powered and undaunted as they’ve been in the past, they’ll win. And the fact that each team has a key injury to overcome — the Packers have RB Cedric Benson, at least, out […]

Rap Sheet Rankings: The Week 5 Edition

In a strange statistical oddity (I guess all oddities are strange), there isn’t one matchup of two winning teams in this NFL week’s schedule. Through four weeks, that’s just the way it turned out. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t good games. With some of the surprise teams (Cardinals, Vikings) facing interesting opponents, and with the mess of a Jets team playing on Monday Night Football against the undefeated Texans, there will be plenty to dissect. But for me, as I rank the Top 14 games of the week, there is none better than Patriots-Broncos. Also known as, Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning. Yup, we’ve seen this play out 12 times before, always with the Patriots and Colts. Brady has […]

Rap Sheet Rankings: The Week 4 Edition

Well, it’s that time again. The replacement referees generated plenty of discussion this week, and that continues today. The fallout from Monday night, the negotiations, all that… but it’s time to turn the page. Let’s focus our attention on Week 4, which begins tomorrow night with the Ravens and Browns on NFL Network. A pretty solid slate of games, but there was no doubt which was No. 1. When the Giants and Eagles play in one of the NFL’s most fun feuds, it’s worth watching. What else? Which games should capture your attention Sunday? Glad you asked. Just posted on NFL.com, here is the Week 4 version of the Rap Sheet Rankings, games 1-15.

Rap Sheet Rankings: The Week 3 Edition

If there is one way to move on to the next week in the NFL, it’s to sit in front of a schedule, look at the slate of games, and start to make sense of it. That, to me, is how the following week begins. And then, I write it up in our weekly feature, the Rap Sheet Rankings. I rank ’em 1-16 based on my interest in each game. This week’s top choice was easy. Any time the Ravens and Patriots play each other, it’s one you’ll want to be in front of a TV for. I gave you a little taste this morning with this post on Patriots nemesis Bernard Pollard. While he noted, “The Super Bowl’s not won […]

Rap Sheet Rankings: The Week 1 Edition

So, here’s something new… The season starts tonight, and we’re in regular season mode right now on NFL.com. That means it’s time to bust out what’s going to be a regular feature every Wednesday. Say hello to the Rap Sheet Rankings. Yes, I came up with the name. I’m very clever. Every week, I’ll take a step back and look at every game played in the league. And I’ll rank ’em and tell you what you need to watch (and what you don’t). There will be more of an interest in better storylines (obviously), like Tim Tebow’s debut for the Jets this week and Peyton Manning’s first Broncos start. But I also love football, so I’ll be sure to spotlight […]

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