Live from Tahoe: Why K Sebastian Janikowski plays golf righty… and some Raiders thoughts

Some of this post will be about football, but not all of it. Sorry, just not how we roll. So, did you know that Raiders left-footed kicker Sebastian Janikowski plays golf righty? It’s true (right). I was surprised to learn this… and Janikowski didn’t have much of an explanation. It’s just, ya know, because. “Actually I’m a right-handed (golfer),” Janikowski said. “Believe it or not. I’m right-handed. I throw right-handed, too. It’s weird, I don’t know. I just grew up that way, my dad was right-footed, I was left-footed. Totally opposite.” Uh, OK. Also random? The big guy said he was really nervous this week. “I’m more nervous than on the football field,” he said on the putting green in […]

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