My story live from Tahoe: When will Packers QB Aaron Rodgers benefit from Brees’ contract?

Contracts for NFL quarterbacks do not exist in a vacuum. So, when Saints QB Drew Brees earned a new deal, my mind immediately turned to a colleague. When will Packers QB Aaron Rodgers get similarly paid? “That stuff takes care of itself,” Rodgers told me yesterday. “I still have a few years left on my deal, and we’ll talk about that when we get there.” Perhaps. Or earlier. We’ll see. There are a lot of issues, and I tried to hit on many of them here. But Rodgers didn’t take a wait-and-see approach when discussing Brees’ deal. “You got to say he’s a fortunate man,” Rodgers told “I don’t think he’s complaining right now.”  No, I’d say not. One other […]

Live from Tahoe: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers sounds ready for camp, talks about Titletown expectations

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has kept a low-profile this week in South Lake Tahoe. Well, as low a profile as a Super Bowl-winning QB can keep. But before heading out to play nine holes (and carry his own bag), Rodgers stopped to chat with me and our cameras. You’ll see some of this interview on NFL Network’s NFL Total Access tonight and on tomorrow. But there’s always a little more. The Packers ended their season in the playoffs last year with an ugly loss to the Giants. Rodgers was ready to turn the page. “It’s a new team, it’s a new players, rookies, new coaches, it’s a different feel,” Rodgers told me earlier today. “So we’re going […]

Live from Tahoe: Packers LB AJ Hawk explains why he tackled that dude into the lake

One of my favorite things this offseason came when video surfaced from a celebrity golf tournament. Packers LB AJ Hawk was videotaped drilling a guy into a lake, a vicious tackle in what looked like a casual two-hand-touch game. It was hilarious… and a little strange. Today, before a practice round of the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe, I talked with Hawk about it. No, it wasn’t quite like it seemed. Turns out, the dude actually asked for it. Well, allow Hawk to explain. But first, I had to broach the topic. “So, A.J… you seen that video of yourself hitting that guy?” “Oh, I’ve seen that,” Hawk told me this morning, laughing. “The golf one? Oh […]

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