Browns down to last resort at QB?

Last resort: The Browns lost in embarrassing fashion at home to the Jaguars in Week 13. And while Brandon Weeden made some costly errors, he wasn’t really the main reason they lost this time. Josh Gordon gave Weeden a big assist in his big day, but now Weeden is under concussion protocol, which means it’s very possible the team will start newly acquired QB Alex Tanney, who is better known for his entertaining trick shot mastery than any NFL success. Tanney is the only healthy QB on Cleveland’s roster right now, so if you happen to have any experience playing QB and aren’t predisposed this Sunday. you might want to send your résumé down to the folks in Berea, OH. Anyhow, […]

Freeman now a free man

Buccaneers release QB Josh Freeman: We’ve officially entered the Mike Glennon show. The Bucs tried to trade Josh Freeman, but no one was interested, so they let him go. He’ll probably catch on with another team eventually, but his fall from grace hasn’t been very enjoyable to watch. Glennon has no fantasy value until he figures out how to run this offense efficiently. Doug Martin is also going to struggle as the Bucs try to develop a passing game. If you somehow owned or started Freeman on your team, you have some QB shopping to do. Stat. Spiller a game-time decision: Those of you who own C.J. Spiller are in a bit of a bind. He’s a game-time decision against […]

Rap Sheet Rundown: The Week 1 Edition

Remember on Wednesday, we debuted one weekly feature called the Rap Sheet Rankings? It was our 1-16 look at the best games, in order. Well, it’s time for our other weekly treat, which we’ll file every Monday morning. Say hello to the Rap Sheet Rundown. What I’ll do every week is file a lead story from the game I’m at, which was Patriots-Titans yesterday. Then, I’ll take a step back and examine what else we learned. It’ll be a little like what you’ve been reading here, but perhaps with fewer grammatical mistakes and made-up words. It’ll be fun and fast, a way to take stock of what you saw Sunday. Want to see? Check out the inaugural edition of the […]

My story: XLVII things I’m looking forward to this season… and other previewy stuff

This week on, we’re rolling out our preview material for the season that begins a week from today. It’s something to behold. There are picks from all of us coming daily on our MVP predictions, rookie of the year, Super Bowl teams, etc. Lots of stuff to debate… and yes, I’m the dude who picked Michael Vick as my MVP for this year. I’m sticking by that. Here is our ever-growing list of predictions, containing all the picks from the last few days. Discuss away. And this is my XLVII things I’m looking forward to this season, a massive list that, of course starts with Tebowmania. Sorry, I just can’t help it. Cool. Now, can we start the season?

My story and some leftovers: The NFL announces its Total Wellness initiative

I spent the early part of Thursday in the NFL offices at 345 Park Avenue in New York, reporting on the league’s Total Wellness initiative. You saw a bunch of this on Twitter. The goal was to discuss the league’s plan to promote comprehensive health and assist anyone under its auspices who wants helps. There is now a new 24/7 confidential phone number, for instance, for players, former players, their families, staffers and whoever else to call and discuss their problems. This is its website with some testimonials. I get the sense the league isn’t done providing such resources. But today’s deal was for physical and mental health, family safety, and post-career living. This was my news story on the day’s […]

What can we learn from the failures of the 2009 head-coaching class?

Jets coach Rex Ryan and Lions coach Jim Schwartz are the only surviving members of an 11-person group of head coaches hired in 2009. I was wondering what we can learn from this.

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL…

With minicamps coming to a close, let’s do our weekly thing and break down nine really random things going on around the NFL… So, what’s been up? 1. One thing we all learn to be cautious about is timelines for surgeries. Players are always either ahead of schedule, behind schedule, though rarely on schedule. Who knows? Probably the best way to do it is to understand why a guy is where he is. For instance, some teams view six or so months to return from an ACL tear to be a reach. When Patriots WR Wes Welker tore his knee up on Jan. 3 a few years back, he was essentially ready for training camp. That was seven months. But […]

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL…

As we do every week, let’s take a swing around the NFL, looking at a bunch of random things …

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL…

A quick and random spin through what the heck happened in the NFL this week …

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL…

In the newspaper world, the football coverage for Sunday’s paper is in the form of a notes package. In the internet world, we can do notes, too. I’ve been trying to come up with some kinda feature for Sunday on the blog, and I may tweak this going forward.

Playbook: Cardinals must address offense this offseason

Heading into this offseason, the Cardinals must address their offensive shortcomings. Whether they shoot for the stars with Peyton Manning, or make less flashy moves with their $10 million in cap space…

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