Who will be the best AFC East QB in Week 1?

Who will be the best AFC East QB in Week 1?

Who will be the best NFC North QB in week 1?

Who will be the best NFC North QB in week 1?

Willie McGinest to Wes Welker: Stop being a diva

Ex-Patriots normally don’t take too kindly to behavior that potentially detracts from team goals (see: Tedy Bruschi and Chad Ochocinco, 2011). So you can imagine what NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest thinks of Patriots WR Wes Welker‘s statement Tuesday that he’s “probably not” going to attend the team’s mandatory June 12-14 minicamp unless he receives a long-term contract.

Warner: No place for anyone trying to hurt players

Like many, former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner believes there’s no place in the game for anyone intentionally trying to injure opposing players. Warner isn’t convinced, though, he was necessarily targeted for injury.

Wayne wants to stay a Colt, thinks Manning can still play

Receiver Reggie Wayne told NFL Network he hopes to stay with the Colts but understands the realities of the business.

Portrait Session: Brandon Harris

Miami Hurricanes CB Brandon Harris poses for a portrait in the NFL Network studio April 6.

Portrait Session: Patrick Peterson

Click here to see Portrait Sessions of other players who have visited NFL Network.

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