Monday Nightmare: Failure to deliver

Regular readers of this space know that Monday night was not going to be a good one for me. I had scored the second-most points in our NFL Network league and was looking pretty good until I noticed that Lindsay Soto was rolling out Matt Forte, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson. We know how this one was going to end, right?

Monday Nightmare: Haley does the right thing

Long-time readers of this space know that every Monday night game seems like Halloween to me. Although, I have to give some discredit to the Sunday night game for ruining my fantasy weeks, too including LeSean McCoy erasing my 29-point lead this week. But a funny thing happened to me this Monday — I actually won.

Monday Nightmare: Rice cooked my team

Thank you for nothing, Ray Rice. Literally.

Monday Nightmare: Marshall good, just not enough

Well that was terrible. Both the game and the ending of my fantasy week. Although it is hard to put this all on Brandon Marshall who had an impressive stat line against Darrelle Revis — 10 receptions for 109 yards. I mean, even desiring anything more than that production against Revis is asking a lot.

Monday nightmare: Calvin Johnson gives and takes away

One of the bummers about playing in five leagues (three mandated by my employment) is that seemingly every touchdown scored on your typical Sunday and Monday either crushes you, or helps you. I feel like I have every player on every team on at least one of my squads.

Monday Nightmare: Close makes it harder

One of the worst things that can happen to you in fantasy football is hope. That glimmer of hope that makes you believe that your team can pull off the impossible. And trailing my buddy Scotty J. by 51 points after his team (with Wes Welker and Beanie Wells) went nuts, I had resigned myself to the loss despite having LeGarrette Blount and Pierre Garcon going on Monday.

Monday Nightmare: How is it Eli again?

No matter what I do with Eli Manning, he is going to ruin my fantasy team. Start him like I did last week, and he kills me. Bench him in favor of Rex Grossman this week, and he kills me. Although the biggest failure is in my own hands for starting Grossman.

Monday Nightmare: Of course it’s Brady

Of course Tom Brady was out to ruin my fantasy week. Some things never change.

Monday Nightmare: There is always Tuesday

That certainly was some championship performance, Michael Turner. Two points? Against a team that you normally dominate? Not championship material.

Monday Nightmare: Playoff dreams dashed

Some playoff dreams were dashed on Monday night. And no, not just the Jets. (Although in fairness to the Jets, they should make the playoffs. But coach Rex Ryan would just have a hard time getting those guys on plane to fly to New England in January.)

Monday Nightmare: Not even the boss is immune

Think your immune to the Monday Nightmare? managing editor Jim Loftus was in a heated battle with fantasy editor Michael Fabiano in a match that had the entire office talking. Here is Loftus’ account of what happened.

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