Monday Nightmare: Where Geno outscores Matty Ice

How many of you headed into Monday night even thought of benching Matt Ryan for Geno Smith?

Monday Nightmare: LeSean McCoy only 40 points short

Did your fantasy week end on Monday night? Our Adam Rank has you covered in his weekly feature, the Monday Nightmare. Come, share your tales of woe.

Monday nightmare: Rivers’ woes hurt in fantasy and reality

There is special place in sports hell where real-life and fantasy disappointment run concurrently. Please allow me to share one of these stories.

Monday Nightmare: Where was Andre Johnson?

Did Andre Johnson ruin your fantasy week? Share your tales of woe in The Monday Nightmare.

Monday Nightmare: Blame Tony Romo

Did Tony Romo cost you this week? You’re not alone. Feel free to join us in the world’s largest therapy session for fantasy enthusiasts, the Monday Nightmare.

Monday Nightmare: Aaron Rodgers fails to deliver

The term “Monday Nightmare” might take a different connotation after the controversial ending to the “Monday Night Football” game. But let’s deal with the fantasy impact of what happened on Monday night.

Monday Nightmare: Fear the stats correction

Welcome to the Monday Nightmare. When I stated this feature three years ago, it was to provide an outlet for those whose fantasy weeks were ruined on Monday. The impetus being, I lead the world in being worked over on Monday night. Seriously, I’m considering a fantasy league which will outlaw Monday nights.

Monday Nightmare: Too much, not enough A.J. Green

Fall just short on Monday night? Adam Rank has you covered in the Monday Nightmare.

Monday Nightmare: Needed a little Moore

In many ways, this was a fitting end to a highly-disappointing fantasy season. My dream team went into Monday night with an eight-point lead with Michael Turner and Lance Moore going up against Jimmy Graham and Roddy White. I felt a slight confidence, and by confidence, I mean I knew that I was screwed.

Monday Nightmare: Never take away points

One of the John Madden‘s credos was to never take points off the board. But 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh did just, and it had a big impact on fantasy football owners’ seasons.

Monday Nightmare: Nothing is meaningless

Congratulations to those of you who lived to fight another day in fantasy football, thanks to some strong performances from Marshawn Lynch, Steven Jackson, and even Brandon Lloyd, who had a decent outing. But for some of you, it just wasn’t enough.

Monday Nightmare: Of course Rivers goes off

I got a tweet from William B. on Monday night: “Why is the one day I bench Rivers, his best day of the season?” Because that’s fantasy football. And I should know, because I spent most of my time on Thursday’s edition of NFL Fantasy Live breaking up with Philip Rivers, ending our association for the season.

Apparently, that was the kick-start he needed to get things going.

Monday Nightmare: Tell me you started Brees

If you’re familiar with my work at all, you know two things about me: I love to make “Top Gun” references, and the second is that I live and die with my fantasy studs. And I bring this up because there is a rumor floating out there that one of our producers for “NFL Fantasy Live” (and a former producer on the “Dave Dameshek Football Program“) sat Drew Brees this week.

Monday Nightmare: Where was Wes?

If anybody has seen Wes Welker lately, can you let him know that we miss him? Especially those who were counting on him to get a big performance from him on Monday night. Actually, some were not even waiting for a big performance from Welker.

Monday Nightmare: A-Rod for anxiety

There’s going to be a long conversation during the offseason about whether Aaron Rodgers deserves to be the No. 1 pick in fantasy drafts. But we will save that for another day. This is what we can say about him right now: Nobody offers more hope or causes for discomfort for fantasy owners than Rodgers playing on Monday night.

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