Recapping this road trip: The Lake Tahoe edition

Well, I’m back from paradise. At least, that’s what it felt like. I spent the last five days out in South Lake Tahoe on the California/Nevada border, which was pretty awesome. The goal was to get a bunch of material from the NFL-related dudes playing in the celebrity golf tournament, and that’s exactly what happened. You’ve read a lot of it already in this space, and there is more coming before we head off to training camps. Now that we’re back in Dallas after a marathon time away (Cabo for vacation to Tahoe for work), let’s review… How was the trip? — First things first. The scenery was everything you’d expect. Just insanely beautiful. You always wonder when people talk […]

Live from Tahoe: Will Falcons CB Asante Samuel shadow the top WR? “It gives us that option”

The Falcons never mind bold moves, and they made another one this offseason. GM Thomas Dimitroff engineered a trade with the Eagles for interception-happy CB Asante Samuel, giving them a playmaker in the secondary. After being kinda out of place in Philadelphia in his last season there, where will Samuel fit in for the Falcons? Well… Coach Mike Smith mentioned an interesting option on the driving range here in South Lake Tahoe. “I think his production on the ball has been outstanding throughout his career – 40-plus interceptions,” Smith told me, explaining what he likes about Samuel. “He’s a guy that you can play on the No. 1 receiver and match him, so that’s going to give us some flexibility […]

Live from Tahoe: What does 49ers QB Alex Smith think of his new weapons? “Love it, love it.”

While racing around the golf course in South Lake Tahoe yesterday, I ran into San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith. So, while he walked from the 18th green to the first tee (making the turn), we caught up on the 49ers offseason. In between signing autographs and dodging stray carts, Smith came off as a guy pumped to get going. Considering his team added weapons like Randy Moss and Mario Manningham, I can’t blame him. “Love it, love it,” Smith told me when I asked what he thought of the new additions. “We had a great offseason, a lot of new faces came in, really fit in. But this is the time when real football starts, put the pads on and […]

My story from Tahoe: How NFL players spend their last week before training camp

While a variety of NFL players spend the week out here in gorgeous Lake Tahoe, they know that when they leave here, it all begins. Training camp is around the corner and it gets amped up incredibly soon. That’s why they cherish being here. They play golf, they bring their families, they chill out… and if they are smart, they clear their heads. “You got to get away because you know you’re going to go through the grind,” ex-Major League pitcher David Wells said. “You just want to try to put everything aside and then come out and golf. If they’re smart, they’re not even thinking any football, just relaxing. It’s a grind. You need something to mellow you out, […]

Live from Tahoe: Bears K Robbie Gould says of RB Matt Forte’s deal, “Guys like that should be rewarded”

Earlier today, before he teed off, Bears kicker Robbie Gould talked about his team’s offseason. That included picking up new weapons like Brandon Marshall and the fact that RB Matt Forte signed an extension. Speaking while wearing crazy blue pants (left), Gould was pumped. “That’s great,” Gould said of Forte’s deal. “It’s about time.” Yup. I think many would agree. But Gould (a really good golfer) said he wasn’t worried that a contract for Forte would get done. “I don’t think anyone was nervous,” Gould said. “A guy like Matt who has played very well, who has always been in shape, done the right things, guys like that should be rewarded. Not saying other guys who play well shouldn’t be rewarded […]

Live from Tahoe: Ex-MLB bad boy David Wells wishes he had been more like Tim Tebow

I always assumed ex-Yankees (and others) pitcher David Wells would be difficult. Shoot, I remember him rumbling with countless tabloid reporters when I was growing up in New York. So, it’s always a crapshoot when you approach a guy like that for an interview at a celebrity event. But Wells was more than gracious in South Lake Tahoe yesterday, sitting down on a random rock to chat with me… though he did reprimand this fan who interrupted us to ask for an autograph. Classic. Anyway, Wells was a NYC mainstay, one guy who really got how the city worked. He didn’t always play along, but he did understand the bright lights. Who better to ask than Wells about what new Jets […]

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