Why Eagles coach Andy Reid said something that makes him the scariest kind of coach

The Eagles lost yesterday to the Cardinals, turning the ball over three times. They are now second-to-last in turnover margin, despite being 2-1. And, as I mentioned in this week’s Rap Sheet Rundown, they need more from QB Michael Vick. The extent they are willing to go to get Vick to pull himself together and play smarter is staggering. It is something I would not have predicted. And it tells you all you need to know about coach Andy Reid this year. Reid told reporters earlier today that, while he supports Vick, he wasn’t ready to rule out a possible competition with rookie Nick Foles. “We’ll evaluate it as we go,” Reid said. Forgive yourself if you gave a WHAT?! […]

The most unexpected person in the Eagles locker room is Bryce Brown… what is he doing there?

Before he even played a down in college, we had been hearing about Bryce Brown. The running back from Wichita was the nation’s top recruit according to Rivals.com in 2009, and his drama-filled process was must-see Internet. Where to begin? Well, he committed to Tennessee after delaying his announcement, saw his advisor investigated by the NCAA, saw his dealings with Miami looked into as well, left Tennessee, transferred to Kansas State… and played one game. Brown was, of course, one of the biggest college busts in history. Rarely has a player had such hype and done so little. To be honest, after he washed out at K-State, I stopped paying attention. I figured it was over, that he’d fade to […]

Recapping this road trip: The Philadelphia/Baltimore edition

All right… So, productive trips to Baltimore and Philadelphia are in the bank, and they culminated with the Eagles 24-23 win over the Ravens at Lincoln Financial Field. And you saw what I had learned all week in a bunch of segments on First on the Field and GameDay Morning. What else happened on my trips to Baltimore and Philly? Well… — As I mentioned in my Rap Sheet Rundown, the Eagles D is nasty. You can read all about the fierce pass-rush and the ability to cover man-to-man that makes them stout. But two guys I was really impressed with are rookies: LB Mychal Kendricks and slot corner Brandon Boykin. Kendricks roamed the middle of the field hunting down […]

What do the turnovers say about the 2-0 Philadelphia Eagles?

So, our time in Philadelphia is up after four days, and it was a blast. The Eagles closed it out with a 24-23 win over the Ravens, a thrilling showdown that featured an insanely loud Lincoln Financial Field providing the finishing touches. In the end, despite four turnovers, the Eagles out-lasted Baltimore thanks to the late-game heroics of QB Michael Vick (who I interviewed 1-on-1 on the field). Again. So… they are 2-0 with two, one-point wins. But where is what I’m left with: What does that mean? Are the Eagles a fantastically talented and efficient team that has overcame nine turnovers in two games because they are awesome? And are they a team that will be dominant if they stop […]

Reactions and reflections after a couple days spent with the Philadelphia Eagles…

The week of work and collection has come to an end, as we brace ourselves for Sunday. Wednesday, I was in Baltimore with the Ravens. Then, Thursday and Friday, I was in Philly with the Eagles. As for what I learned, you’ll see a lot of that on NFL Network’s First on the Field and GameDay Morning. But want a few quick thoughts? Let’s go… — It was a rough day for Eagles QB Michael Vick  against the Browns, one that included four interceptions. The consensus seems to be that there were mistakes he made mentally, not physically. Trusting his eyes and knowing what he’s looking at will be important as he moves forward against the active Ravens front. But Vick, who […]

The most underrated thing about Eagles QB Michael Vick has nothing to do with anything on the field

Hello from Philadelphia, where I’ve spent the day. The Eagles practiced, and there was a whole bunch of interviews. Gearing up for Sunday’s Eagles-Ravens game. It’s safe to say, it wasn’t a fantastic experience for the Eagles — Iggles — last week. Sure, sure, they did win, but they looked ugly doing it. QB Michael Vick threw four interceptions, which tends to overshadow the game-winning drive against the Browns. With that in mind, two things I’ve realized after spending a bunch of time here. One, Vick has an offensive coordinator in Marty Mornhinweg who does a fantastic job keeping Vick focused on what he needs to be focused on. And two, Vick handled criticism as well as anyone. The first thing: Mornhinweg […]

A word or two about the passing of Eagles coach Andy Reid’s son… and how we go on

Yesterday, there was an unspeakable tragedy at Lehigh University where the Philadelphia Eagles practice. Garrett Reid, the son of Eagles coach Andy Reid, died in his dorm room at age 29. Reid’s son had battled drug problems, and he had spent time in jail. There was no immediate cause of death.

The word was that he was fighting to overcome his past, which makes yesterday even sadder. Either way, the support that came from the NFL community was astounding, which hopefully gave Reid some solace. In fact, it was heart-warming to see so many reach out to offer prayers or simply kind words to Reid, who obviously stayed away from practice.

Recapping this road trip: The Philadelphia edition

Let me say upfront that I embrace any opportunity to travel around and see another team and learn about them and write stuff and go on TV to talk about it. It’s the job, it’s fun, and it’s all good. But when I saw Philadelphia on my docket for this week, I smiled a little more than normal. Ah, the cheeseteak. My favorite road food in an epic grudge match with etouffee of New Orleans. So, another chance to have a cheesesteak? I’ll take it. Oh, I also saw the Eagles practice (and wrote this article and said this on TV). Want some highlights of my trip to Philly? — Let’s start with the important stuff. I’ve been to Pat’s, […]

Eagles DT Fletcher Cox returned to the field with a heavy heart: “Football got my mind off it.”

Sometimes, caught up in the fervor of football, we forget that there are other things besides it. A player acts a little grumpy during an interview, and we judge. “What’s his deal?” or whatever. We don’t always consider outside factors. So every once in a while, it’s important to realize that football players, like the rest of us, are real people. Sometimes life intervenes. I bring this up because Eagles first-round defensive tackle Fletcher Cox missed the first two days of minicamp to stay back in Yazoo City, Miss., to grieve for his fallen friend, Melvin Baker. A cousin who was Cox’s best friend, Baker died of head and neck trauma a week ago following an accident. And while Cox […]

Eagles QB Michael Vick: “We’re ready to let this momentum carry over into training camp.”

The last time the Eagles headed into a training camp, the optimism was crazy. Yes, yes, you remember the Dream Team. Well, all of that is no more. Instead, what’s left is a team with really good players. But there is still optimism mixed in. I watched the Eagles go through their final workout of mini-camp, a high-tempo affair with Vick right in the center. And afterward, he told me what he thought. “We had a good camp, a good spring, and we feel good about it,” Vick told me. “Ready to let this momentum carry over into training camp. … We can relax now, enjoy the days off, and take the days as they come.” As I said, the […]

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