Is it time for the Miami Dolphins to admit they are simply rebuilding?

There are times when I’ll have a thought (rare as it may be), and I’ll start to think of ways to articulate it in this space. I’ll go through a couple of options, figure out what I want to say, then begin writing. Other times, I’ll have an idea, then see a fellow reporter describe exactly what was going through my head probably better than I could. That was the case this morning with this column by Dave Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  He begins discussing the fact that the Miami Dolphins home opener won’t be a sellout (amazing), and then morphs into a few other points. The most salient of which is this, noted “to give the new […]

Why this year’s Hard Knocks experience should make more want to follow in the Dolphins footsteps…

When presenting an argument, it can be important to disclose your bias off the top. We all have them in some form or another, and doing so can assist in clarity. I’ll do that now in saying that I love HBO’s Hard Knocks. I was a big fan of the show before, and this season featuring the Miami Dolphins has only increased that. It’s must-TiVo TV. So, some of this, I’m sure, is presented through that prism — I want the show to continue. Knowing all that, my point is this: The Dolphins have come off extremely well in Hard Knocks. And this experience should make other teams fall over themselves to be featured next year. I’m starting to realize […]

Don’t look now, but I think the Dolphins might finally be getting it…

Traveling around to different stadiums and getting your first glimpse at a team’s home atmosphere never gets old. There’s still a few I need to check off — Seattle and Green Bay are at the top of my list now — but I always appreciate looking around and understanding what makes a stadium tick. And I’ll never forget my first trip to Sun Life Stadium in South Florida. That’s where the Dolphins play, and I distinctly remember looking around in the home of this storied franchise and thinking two thoughts — 1. This is it? 2. Um, seriously? It was half-filled by kickoff and there was no buzz inside the stadium. Outside the stadium, the team did this bizarre orange […]

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