DDFP: ‘The Top 100’ is finally over

The Top 100 has come to a merciful conclusion, and the boys talk about the finale.

DDFP: Aikman is the great eight and the ultimate NFL uniform playoff bracket is revealed

Welcome to episode number eight of the Dave Dameshek Football Program. The fellas discuss who the greatest number eight in NFL history, and conclude that it is Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman

DDFP: A-Rod was A-robbed

What could possible cause our esteemed host to nearly walk out on the job? Don’t play coy, you know exactly what it was. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers — the Super Bowl MVP — is ranked No. 11 in the Top 100.

DDFP: Talking music and ball with Jason LaCanfora

You might want to sit down for this news — our own Necktie Milner got us a guest! And a damn good one, if I don’t mind saying so — Jason La Canfora.

DDFP: Mantle over Elway, the greatest uniform in L.A. Rams history and Jason La Canfora!

There is no argument that John Elway is the leader in the clubhouse for NFL players who wore No. 7. Even though there is a half-hearted argument given to Ben Roethlisberger. But is the jersey No. 7 the greatest sports number ever? The gang discusses that and Dave gives his view on who wore No. 7 the best — Mickey Mantle or Elway.

DDFP: More guys not better than Roethlisberger

The most recent edition of the Top 100 might have battered our heroes Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank into submission.

DDFP: It’s time to abolish the ‘-gate’ suffix; which team wants Plaxico and more

On the heels of Wiener-gate, Dave calls for an end to putting “-gate” at the end of every scandal and offers up some fresh, new titles for any future scandals.

DDFP: Roethlisberger not in the top 40? An outrage!

Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank hit anger level five with the latest episode of the Top 100, numbers 50-41.

DDFP: NFL’s most despised, ultimate QBs and more

With the hateable Heat on their way to a title, Dave Dameshek & Adam Rank discuss the most despised teams in the NFL.

Ryan is in, but where is Eli?

Dave and Adam Rank discuss the players coming in 60-51 on the NFL Network’s Top 100 players of 2010 list,

DDFP: Redemption for Danny White and Danny Marino – plus the best apocalyptic movies

Inspired by the redemptive powers of spring, Dave alters history in favor of Dannys — White and Marino — in the latest installment of the “N if L”.

DDFP: A fullback in the Top 100? Say it ain’t so

We present the first ‘special edition’ of the Dave Dameshek Football Program as the gang tackles the latest edition of the NFL Network’s Top 100 show. Those regular listeners of the program know that Dave has not been shy about his thoughts on the show.In this episode, Dave is flabbergasted to find that not only has a fullback broken into the Top 100, but he’s ahead of a number of quarterbacks.

Sounds good: Dameshek and Co. tackle the Top 100, Two and a Half Men, and more…

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/dameshek/May_13_2011.mp3 ] After last week’s successful preseason edition podcast, Dave Dameshek kicks off “Episode 1” with the debut of “The N. if L.” — the segment that answers how pigskin history could have changed if one play or event went the other way. Dave and his pals, Adam Rank and Dylan Milner, then critique the NFL Network’s “Top 100” list of current players and offer some candidates for the league’s most overrated players. Handsome Hank stops by to read the “Tweet of the Week” (courtesy Reggie Bush), leading the fellas into a debate about whether fans care more than players. Lastly, Dave reads listener tweets. All in all, it was a peach of an hour. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Introducing the Dave Dameshek Football Program

Dave launches the new program with what he deems to be podcast equivalent of a preseason game. That doesn’t prevent from him — with the help of sidekick Adam Rank and producer Dylan Milner — from tackling pro pigskin’s biggest issues of the week.

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