Chargers take the rare step of fighting back against negativity… and I like it

In this day and age in the world, everyone has a voice. It used to be that all you needed was a keyboard, but now all you really need is a phone. We all have those. Have an opinion? Make it heard. And it’s changed things. Have a player you hate? Follow them on Twitter and let them know until they block you. Or, if you’ve got a favorite team, like them on Facebook. Mid-game, if you’re upset that someone didn’t make a catch, it’s so easy just to log on and let them know they suck. One can only imagine what a player’s mentions column is like after a bad loss. We are all so quick to judge – […]

Live from Tahoe: Noted Chargers fan David Wells celebrates bringing Norv Turner back

The title of this post says “Live from Tahoe,” but that’s not entirely true. I’m actually on a plane flying back to Dallas… so this’ll be the last one of these. Still, we have plenty of material collected in Lake Tahoe to last a few days. One of those centers around former star pitcher David Wells, a celebrity who played in the tournament. We visited with him earlier. Anyway, Wells is a San Diego resident and a big Chargers fan. And while so many seemed frustrated with the team’s decision to bring back coach Norv Turner after another year of mediocrity, Wells wasn’t among them. Nope, not even after missing the playoffs again. No doubt, these comments will drive a few Chargers fans […]

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