Ochocinco reworks contract with Patriots

Chad Ochocinco has reworked his contract to try to remain with the Patriots, according to a league source.

Ochocinco’s first lesson in ‘The Patriot Way’

It’s been quite a week for Chad Ochocinco. Perhaps it will serve as a reminder never to compliment a teammate via social media again. We’re not betting on that, though.

Ocho extends olive branch to Bruschi: ‘I love Tedy’

Time to put a bookend on the Chad OchocincoTedy Bruschi fracas.

Tuck: Bruschi went ‘a little too far’ over Ocho tweet

Now that we’re all up to speed, two current veteran players — Justin Tuck of the Giants and Jeff Saturday of the Colts — joined the Chad Ochocinco discussion Thursday on “NFL Total Access.”

Hushed Ochocinco ducks fire in Foxborough

Chad Ochocinco predictably was swarmed by reporters Thursday — but atypically had nothing to say — after his tweet about the Patriots’ aerial show against the Dolphins ignited a firestorm.

Ochocinco show heading to Foxborough

Chad Ochocinco‘s entertaining Bengals career has come to an end, with the news that the veteran receiver has been traded to the Patriots.

Risk isn’t worth reward for Ochocinco

Chad Ochocinco is smart and knows what he has to do to prepare for the season, but his latest stunt was a very high-risk thing to do that doesn’t offer much reward.

Photo: Chad Ochocinco during the offseason

Check out what Chad Ochocinco has been doing during his offseason, past and present.

Marvin Lewis: Belichick too smart to add Ochocinco

And now for the latest cannon shot from Marvin Lewis over Chad Ochocinco’s bow.

Bengals’ Lewis backs bus over Ochocinco

Like many divorces, the situation between Marvin Lewis and Chad Ochocinco seems to be getting messy.

Playoff seeding confuses Ochocinco

Apparently overtime is not the only rules that continue to baffle NFL players. Seems that some of them don’t understand playoff seeding, either.

Ochocinco not over getting thrown under the bus

From Chad Ochocinco’s perspective under the bus, the tire tracks are still fresh.

Will Ochocinco be back with Bengals?

Among the crucial offseason decisions for the Bengals is whether Chad Ochocinco will be back next season. The signs continue to suggest he won’t.

Ochocinco wants respect after being called ‘mopey’

These are some contentious times in Cincinnati.

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