Analyzing the body language of Bears QB Jay Cutler and Panthers QB Cam Newton (or something)

Before we get started, that headline is a total lie. If you clicked here to read my body language analysis, stop reading and go watch CNN. I just saw a body language “expert” breaking down the presidential debate last night… which I’m sure is riveting. Is there a more ridiculous thing around? No, I’m not going to analyze body language. What I am going to analyze is facts. Like, how Bears QB Jay Cutler was destroyed by Ndamukong Suh’s side suplex, only to return one play later and lead his team to victory. And words, which are what Panthers QB Cam Newton uses after each loss. Like how Newton said, “I think you can go around the locker room and expect […]

Bears RB and Louisiana native Matt Forte has an eye on New Orleans and Hurricane Isaac

Bears RB Matt Forte is a Louisiana native, a Tulane graduate. He grew up in nearby Slidell, La., and still has his entire family down there. So, of course, he is paying close attention to oncoming Hurricane Isaac and the damage it could cause to New Orleans. After practice today, I picked his brain on how he’s preparing for the season, and you’ll see some of that on next week. Yeah, he’s a little competitive. At the end, though, we talked about the storm. Forte is confident his family will be safe. “I mean, we’ve been living there almost 30 years, so there’s been a lot of hurricanes over those years,” Forte told me. “It’s not like something new […]

The conundrum with Bears LB Brian Urlacher and his curious knee injury…

The Chicago Bears have a potential problem with linebacker Brian Urlacher. The face of their defense, the franchise stalwart, the best player on the field when healthy — he’s been sidelined for most of camp with a left knee injury. A report in the Chicago Tribune stated that he actually went to Germany for a treatment not approved in the United States, one the Bears don’t want to talk about. It has helped other superstars in the past. But the hope is that it will all heal and Urlacher will be ready for opening day. He has said that’s all he cares about. The issue? I’m told that the Bears are pessimistic that Urlacher will be ready on opening day. […]

My story: Bears LB Lance Briggs sees a team primed to make a playoff run

I was a little busy today — perhaps you read about it — but I didn’t want to neglect this other story that I wrote. Remember when I spoke with Bears LB Lance Briggs, the New Era hats ambassador? Well, that blog post wasn’t all there was. Briggs also offered me his thoughts on this year’s team, one that is suddenly filled with talent. Last year was an odd one, with the team starting 7-3 before QB Jay Cutler’s injury caused them to go in the tank. Briggs remembered the feeling well. It’s one he wants to avoid this time around. “I think everybody knew at the time when we were 7-3, there wasn’t a hotter team in the NFL,” […]

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