So… what the heck is up with Cowboys CB Morris Claiborne’s wrist?

Before I get outta here at Valley Ranch and go wait in line at Mia’s, I wanted to mention one thing that hasn’t garnered much attention. It was said as an oh-by-the-way on draft night, and that’s been that. But it came to the forefront today because first-round draft pick CB Morris Claiborne didn’t participate in rookie minicamp.

What’s up with Claiborne’s wrist?

Bears reach deal with WR Alshon Jeffery… are August signings a thing of the past? Agent: ‘They should be’

Today, the Bears became trailblazers in a very non-exciting way. They agreed to terms with WR Alshon Jeffery, a former South Carolina star who they selected 45th overall in the draft. It’s stunningly fast, even for Bears negotiator Cliff Stein, a noted speed demon. All of which made me think: How? And why can’t other teams sign their draft picks just as fast? For some answers, I spoke with Jeffery’s agent, Eugene Parker of Maximum Sports Management. He broke down how it happened so quickly and had this to say when I asked if August, last-minute signings are a thing of the past. “They should be,” Parker said. “They should be over. But it takes two. People may have different […]

Draft tracker podcast: Breaking down the 2012 NFL Draft

Matt “Money” Smith and Bucky Brooks look back at a wild and crazy 2012 NFL Draft. Bucky and Money give a team-by-team breakdown and discuss which were their favorite picks and who left them wanting more.  Find out which team improved the most in the draft to give them an inside edge to next year’s Super Bowl in New Orleans. [audio] Subscribe to the NFL Draft Tracker podcast on iTunes.

My story: The Cowboys pick of Morris Claiborne shows how confident they are in 2012

During the week leading up to the NFL Draft, and then during the draft itself, I was in Dallas. In related news, I also live in Dallas now. Anyway, it gave me a chance to see the Cowboys up close, learn how they tick, see how they draft, and gain an understanding for why they did what they did. Hearing them before the draft, then watching them trade for LSU CB Morris Claiborne at No. 6, told me something very pertinent. They think they are gonna be really, really good. The result was my story that is now on the front page of With every move they made, from the blockbuster to add Claiborne, to filling in with projects […]

You’ve met Manning vs. Leaf and Luck vs. RGIIl… but how will Irvin vs. Coples be remembered?

The NFL Draft creates stellar comparisons every year. We watched as teams debated over whether to take Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf, and we know how that turned out. This year, it was Andrew Luck vs. Robert Griffin III, and they won’t be able to exist in the NFL’s world without being compared to one another. That’s the reality. Teams make their choices, think they got the right guy, then see how it all plays out. But Luck-RGIII won’t be the only players battling to prove their team got it right in 2012. Two other high-profile players at the same position will forever be stacked up. Pass-rushers Bruce Irvin and Quinton Coples. You remember these two — The Seahawks grabbed […]

What drafting Cousins means for Redskins and Shanahan

The Redskins drew plenty of flak for drafting Kirk Cousins after taking Robert Griffin III. But the move says less about the team’s QB competition than it does about Mike Shanahan‘s future.

Lions sign CB Alonzo Lawrence, who hopes to be a rare JUCO-to-NFL success story

Ever heard the name Alonzo Lawrence? Probably not, but he could make the rare leap from JUCO directly to the NFL after the Lions signed him as an unrestricted free agent.

Now that the picks are in, trying to understand who got the better end of the Julio Jones trade…

One of the great unknowns in the NFL comes when teams make draft-day trades. One team is positive they are getting the better end, trading up to select the guy they want. The other team absolutely knows it made a smart move by trading back and loading up on picks. As Patriots coach Bill Belichick said this weekend, “Each one is kind of its own independent decision.” So, it’s tough to compare trades in a vacuum. But we’d still like to know who got the better of each deal. With that said, let’s look back at the biggest deal of the 2011 NFL Draft, since the loose ends were tied up this weekend. The Falcons traded up 21 spots, sending […]

Will Luck have better rookie year than RG3?

With the 2012 NFL Draft now a thing of the past, it’s time for the football world to look to the future, when the games will actually be played. How will the highly touted rookies perform when they stop being prospects and start being rookies?

This was a really strange NFL Draft… so let’s go over five things we’ll remember

Not sure what it was this year. The Draft was, well, awesome as usual. Loved watching it, especially after I turned off Twitter (for a few hours) in the first round due to a rash of tipping picks. Then it was good. But it was also kinda odd. Trades like crazy in the first round, lots of unheralded players in the second round, and the usual slew of curious picks. Maybe my draft prep was just poor. Or maybe teams are spreading their scouts out so far that everyone is finding a gem in a strange place. Who knows? Before we turn the page, let’s take a swing through what happened from Radio City the past three days, offering 5 […]

The Patriots win the prize for the most ridiculous and fantastic pick of the 2012 NFL Draft

You gotta hand it to Patriots coach Bill Belichick. One day after joking about how he doesn’t care much for draft analysts, Belichick really makes them scratch their head. But for those who know them well, this is just classic. With the 197th overall pick, the Patriots selected someone named Nate Ebner. He’s allegedly a safety from Ohio State, but he barely played. Some special teams, and a backup nickel corner. Oh, and didn’t play high school football, either. Google it. Turns out, he’s a rugby star. Played at Ohio State, and seemed to do so well. Look at this Youtube package. Fast, tough, all the tools. But anyway, this is great. Forget all the scouting, pouring over tape, talking with […]

Patriots draft pick Tavon Wilson has good genes

Patriots second-round NFL draft pick Tavon Wilson has good genes. Wilson’s great-great grandmother Edith Williams is 112 years old and lives in Washington D.C.

Trying to understand why NFL coaches really love selecting Boise St. players…

The Cowboys made an interesting selection yesterday, nabbing Boise St. defensive end Tyrone Crawford in the third round. A player I had to look up (you did, too, don’t lie), the Cowboys see Crawford as a try-hard guy who can eventually become a five-technique defensive end. For now, he’ll be an inside rusher, and they’ll see what happens. But what struck me was part of the reason why the Cowboys grabbed him. And it sounded like some of the reason that the Bears reached for fellow BSU pass-rusher Shea McClellin. They went to Boise St. And teams like that. Really. Gone are the days where you worry about competition at a place like that. Just turn on the film against […]

On a scale of 1 to awesome, how were my first-round predictions yesterday?

Before the first round of the NFL Draft yesterday, I made some predictions. Five to be exact. I went through a bunch of scenarios and made some semi-educated guesses as to what would happen. This was my post right here. How did I do? While we wait for the second and third rounds to start tonight, let’s review. But be warned. Not all of them are fantastic, so I’ll take your slings and arrows in the comments section. Here we go: 1st original prediction: The Dolphins will take QB Ryan Tannehill. How right was I? Very right. Nailed this one. As if it was that hard. The Dolphins were in desperate need of a QB, and when they went after […]

My story: How in the world did the Cowboys end up selecting CB Morris Claiborne?

It was one of the shockers of the first night of the NFL Draft. The Cowboys pulled off a stunning trade to select LSU CB Morris Claiborne, who was supposed to be gone in the Top 5. Instead, the Cowboys grabbed him at 6. And it surprised everyone. The Cowboys. Claiborne. The player’s family. Everyone. How did it come down? What went on behind the scenes? Figured I’d tell you, and take a long time to do it. This is the link to my explanatory story posted on

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