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Anthony Adams’ latest video: ‘Stuff Chicago Bears Fans Say’

Anthony “Spice” Adams has become the latest YouTube sensation and here is his latest video.

Anthony ‘Spice’ Adams following his hoop dreams

Let’s be honest, there aren’t many sequels that can ever live up to the original — although “Hangover 2” was much better than people give it credit for. That said, it was a daunting task for NFL free agent Anthony “Spice” Adams to top his hilarious YouTube debut with “Things Free Agents Say.”

Pick Six: NFL player/WWE superstar comparisons

The biggest story in sports this week is the return of The Rock to the WWF. The news sent waves around the world, not only was The Rock trending on Twitter, but so was his alter-ego Dwayne Johnson. That, my friends, takes star power.

And it got me thinking, is there anybody in the NFL who carries the Rock’s charisma? Some might say Chad Ochocinco, but that doesn’t really work. Mainly because The Rock was once a champion.

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