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Early thoughts on Panthers-Dolphins

That is Carolina Panther power football. Opening drive is what they do best. Lot of power runs and a few intermediate passes.

You must be committed to the Wildcat

For some teams the Wildcat is a trend or trinket. Consequently, these teams make a cursory attempt at executing the Wildcat offense. Just like any other aspect of life, if you give a half-hearted attempt it will yield little or no fruit. If you are going to be successful with this or any other offense, it requires execution.

Explaining the Wildcat

The Wildcat has left more than just NFL defenders confused and frustrated. In fact, just about everyone I talk to seems to have their own concept about what the Wildcat offense actually is. But here’s a breakdown of the offense that has become an answer to the Zone Blitz.

Original ‘Wildcat’ ready to follow in own footsteps

Eagles QB Michael Vick was quick to point out that he was the first to run the “Wildcat,” the formation that has taken the NFL by storm over the last two seasons in an interview with Eagles LIVE on the team’s Web site Wednesday morning.

A case for Tyler Thigpen

Should a team offer a mid-round draft pick for the backup quarterback, what the Chiefs are seeking, they just might get themselves a steal.

Belichick’s fascination with ‘Wildcat’ could help Vick

Bill Belichick’s pride took a big hit last season when the Dolphins shredded the vaunted Patriots defense with the “Wildcat” offense. So, Belichick, the consummate student, has spent extensive time communicating with University of Florida coach Urban Meyer about the spread offense. Belichick also has worked with former Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden, who’s also enthralled with the scheme that Meyer’s Gators run so well.

Roundup: Chargers going to Wildcat?

The San Diego Union-Tribune is reporting that the Chargers have been preparing for the defense of the ‘Wildcat’ formation for the upcoming season. But it could have an added benefit. The Chargers could end up running some plays out of the formation.

Wildcat’s popularity could have Cowboys thinking QB

The Cowboys could draft a quarterback. A Wildcat quarterback that is. Pat White anybody?

Players could be evaluated with ‘Wildcat’ in mind

The single wing, or Wildcat formation, became all the rage in Week 3 last season in New England, when the Dolphins and head coach Tony Sparano unveiled the latest version of the old-school formation on the NFL level. The formation had been tried in the past, but not to the success that the Dolphins had with it against the Patriots in a 38-13 victory. Other teams soon followed Miami’s lead, but is the formation here to stay?

Dolphins will live and die with ‘Wildcat’

The game that Dolphins players look to as the seminal moment of their season camein Week 3, when they were 0-2 but beat the Patriots 38-13 by running wild with the ‘Wildcat’ formation. Their mindset must be “dance with the one who brung ya” because with 4:30 to play in the first half, the Dolphins already have run six plays out of that formation, with two missed opportunities at big plays. Chad Pennington also just constructed a signature touchdown drive, going 5-of-6 passing for 60 yards, without a run play in the mix.

The origins of the ‘Wildcat’

Miami’s “Wildcat” formation goes back to football’s origins. But for those who want its modern-day origin, simply go back to 2006 in Fayetteville, Ark., where Dolphins quarterbacks coach David Lee was working with the school’s former offensive coordinator, Gus Malzahn, now at Tulsa.

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