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Who do you got: Darrell Green or I’ll Have Another?

Who was better at running down his competition, Darrell Green or I’ll Have Another?

DDFP: Storytime with Brandt

Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank discuss life in Canton, then welcome in the longtime architect of the Dallas Cowboys (and a man who belongs in the Hall of Fame), Gil Brandt.

Steeler-Cowboy connection

Steelers WR Hines Ward chats with Cowboys legend Tony Dorsett after Pittsburgh’s media session ended.

Brandt: First roof tear was memorable

Anyone remember the first time there was a hole in the Metrodome roof? senior analyst Gil Brandt was there, back when he was VP of Player Personnel for the Dallas Cowboys. And he is quick to remind us that the game was played as scheduled – and produced a record that will never be broken.

Noteworthy nuggets from Week 4

With an assist from George Li on the NFL Network research desk, here’s a look at some of the most notable numbers and best performances to come out of Week 4.

Staubach should be at the top of Cowboys’ all-time list

Michael Irvin is awesome. Anybody who has spent any time with Irvin around the offices of NFL Network (or otherwise) will likely tell you the same thing. Irvin is a great guy.

But he is not the No. 3 Cowboys player of all time.

A few highlights from Radio Row

Any way you cut it, it was an eventful day on Radio Row at Super Bowl XLIV.

Miss America stops traffic

Nothing stops traffic on Radio Row at the Super Bowl like a Miss America.

The end of a fantasy football era

The fall of Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson signals changing times in fantasy football.

Cowboys back Romo; Dorsett not so much

Playing quarterback for the Cowboys is probably the most high-profile position in all of sports, which naturally draws a lot of scrutiny. Especially when you throw three interceptions in the opening of your team’s $1 billion stadium.

Cowboys marathon chat opens old wounds conducted a marathon Hall of Fame chat today. And it was quite a punch into the sternum of Los Angeles Rams fans.

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