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No one predicted this for Bears, Chiefs and Patriots

From start to (almost) finish, the 2010 season has provided us with several dramatic transformations. No one would have predicted at the beginning of the season that the Patriots, Chiefs and Bears would be where they are right now.

Pick Six: Who wants a do-over for 2010?

Was proposing to your girlfriend during an NFL game the biggest blunder of the entire season? We count down the six biggest do-over moments of 2010.

Even if active, Cassel, Favre should be benched

Matt Cassel and Brett Favre are both question marks for fantasy owners in Week 14.

Chiefs have figured it out, and Bowe is benefactor

The pieces have all fallen into place for Dwayne Bowe this season, and we’re seeing the results.

Injury roundup: Titans’ VY hurts thumb, loses job

Vince Young, Colt McCoy and Vernon Davis were among the players who suffered injuries in Week 11. Here’s a bullet-look at injuries around the league.

Chiefs’ Haley continues baffling use of Charles

Watching an upcoming preview of “Undercover Boss,” how does the average Subway employee not think they are being set up when a camera crew is following around a 40-year-old sandwich artist? Like really, how do you not see this coming?

Kirwan: Haley should have known better analyst Pat Kirwan easily could have let Chiefs coach Todd Haley off the hook when he was asked in his Monday chat about Haley’s reaction following Sunday’s embarrassing loss to the Denver Broncos. The questioner, Tom from Scotland, likely didn’t know that Kirwan and Haley have been friends for nearly 20 years.

Whisenhunt not fantasy enemy … yet

Fantasy enthusiasts have nary a kind word for some NFL coaches. Does Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt belong on that list?

The Chiefs are no fluke

I’ve seen enough of the Chiefs to know this team is for real, and I’m crediting much of their success to the offensive line.

Haley starting to see the light?

Chiefs coach Todd Haley has become persona non grata among fantasy enthusiasts for his use of his running backs Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones. But could he finally be correcting himself?

Kubiak up to his old tricks again

The Texans opened the scoring this week with a long touchdown run — by Derrick Ward. Thank you, coach.

We all owe coach Reid a big thank you

As Michael Vick continues to pile up points — up to nearly 40 points in some leagues — we need to thank Andy Reid for coming to his senses and starting the embattled quarterback this week.

Overreaction Theater: Foster benched for the year

Texans RB Arian Foster committed the football equivalent of stealing a briefcase form Marcellus Wallace — he fumbled.

Haley, you top the list as fantasy enemy No. 1

This kind of speaks for itself. Tweet your fantasy questions to @nflfantasy. Your Tweet might end up on the air on Fantasy Live.

A lot of awesome running backs in the AFC West

Take a moment to consider who will be the probable running backs for the AFC West teams this weekend. Darren McFadden, Thomas Jones, Laurence Maroney and Mike Tolbert. Somebody please explain to me why Jamaal Charles is sitting on the bench?

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