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Coaches Show: Week 17 Analysis

Brian Billick and Dennis Green break down the final week of the regular season, including the tension in New York and the Cowboys’ collapse. Plus, hear who the coaches believe will come out on top on Wild Card Weekend.

The Coaches Podcast: Week 13 Analysis

Stop the presses- Brian Billick is now a Tim Tebow believer. Listen to what changed his mind. Plus, hear what the coaches have to say about Jason Garrett‘s play-calling in the Cowboys’ loss to the Cardinals on Sunday. All this and more from Billick and Jim Mora in this week’s The Coaches Podcast. Subscribe to podcast on iTunes

The Coaches Podcast: Week 12 analysis

Listen to Brian Billick and Jim Mora on “The Coaches Podcast” where they discuss all the hot topics from Week 12, including the future of Andy Reid, Ndamukong Suh‘s stomp and who should replace Matt Leinart in Houston.

Coaches Show: Week 11 analysis

Think the Bears’ playoff chances are done without Jay Cutler? Can the same be said about the Texans without Matt Schaub? Not according to Brian Billick and Jim Mora. Hear what the coaches have to say about those teams’ chances going forward, as well as other hot topics around the league in this week’s podcast. Subscribe to Podcast on iTunes

Open offense gives Ravens championship quality

John Harbaugh has done a few impressive things lately, including quoting Theodore Roosevelt. The other is utilizing the spread formation to get the most out of QB Joe Flacco in the shotgun, a move that might be more geared for the long-run.

Coaches Show: Talking about elite QBs

Is Eli Manning an elite NFL QB? Brian Billick and Jim Mora discuss this and other big headlines around the league.

The Coaches Show: Week 7 analysis

Brian Billick and Jim Mora discuss the hottest topics from around the league, including fresh-face quarterbacks making an impact, the Lions’ backslide, and an examination of the pros and cons of the “Wide 9” defense.

Coaches Show: Week 4 Analysis

Listen in as coach Jim Mora and I discuss the NFL’s best surprises and biggest disappointments through the first four weeks of the season.

Mora: Romo possesses skills to be premier QB

NFL Network analyst Jim Mora believes Dallas’ Tony Romo has the skill set to be a premier quarterback, but he doesn’t play at that level at critical times in critical games.

Is Revis the NFL’s best cornerback?

Rex Ryan went out of his way to tout Darrelle Revis as the NFL’s best player. But is Revis even the best cornerback in the league?

Spagnuolo: Rams learned from 1-15 season

Coach Steve Spagnuolo joined Brian Billick and Jim Mora to discuss the Rams’ improved defense, QB Sam Bradford and leading the NFC West.

Mora: Fixing Cowboys starts with cutting Jenkins

Jim Mora’s plan for fixing the Dallas Cowboys would start with cutting CB Michael Jenkins, who he believes committed “high treason” by giving up on a touchdown reception by the Packers.

Did Childress make the right call?

NFL Network analysts Brian Billick and Jim Mora discuss the decision by Vikings coach Brad Childress to tell his team that Randy Moss would be waived.

Will Raye firing make difference for 49ers?

The 49ers have fired OC Jimmy Raye. So what’s next?

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