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Fun facts: Who is the only team without passing TD?

Want to impress your pals when you gather to watch the Week 3 action Sunday? As we pored through the voluminous stack of notes prepared this week by the crack NFL Network staff for the NFL GameDay Morning crew to use, we pulled out a few nuggets you can use as fun facts or tough trivia:

Robin outplays Batman at New England

Remember that one episode of Batman when Robin saved the Caped Crusader? Yeah, me neither.

Ochocinco will ‘lobby heavily’ for return of T.J.

Chad Ochocinco says he would welcome the return of former teammate T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

Brandt’s sleepers get two-thirds approval

You all may have your Christmas day, your St. Patrick’s day or your Talk Like a Pirate day — but my favorite holiday occurs when Gil Brandt hands over his fantasy football draft board.

Should you target Owens over Ochocinco in drafts?

Bills RB C.J. Spiller and Chargers RB Ryan Mathews were the top two running backs taken in the 2010 NFL Draft. But who should be the first to come off your fantasy draft board? Mathews has been given the most love in fantasy circles, but NFL Network’s Warren Sapp and Michael Lombardi kick around this subject on NFL Total Access.

Bengals poised to move on after costly mistake

The curious case of the Bengals and Antonio Bryant turned out to be more odd than curious, and came to an end when the receiver was released on Sunday.

Palmer’s passing fancy coming into focus

QB Carson Palmer started the preseason efficient, working diligently to ease WR Terrell Owens into the lineup. Almost to the exclusion of everybody else.

Photo: Ochocinco, T.O. and The Batmobile

Here’s a sneak preview for you: The Cincinnati Enquirer shot this photo of Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens and The Batmobile for its Bengals season preview section.

Palmer, Owens go deep to set up TD

Well, they do call it preseason for a reason. The Eagles and Bengals starters combined for no points for most of the first half on Friday night. The two offenses looked like junior high school kids sitting across from each other at a dance.

Bengals really want to make Owens happy

The Bengals — or at least QB Carson Palmer — seem to really be intent on making Terrell Owens happy. Owens again was in the mix early for the Bengals, catching a pass on the first play from scrimmage and running and end around the following play.

T.O. authors open letter to Bengals fans

Terrell Owens has a message for Bengals fans: He’s here to be in the playoffs. Anything less is unacceptable.

Fantasy enthusiasts looking for something from Palmer

QB Carson Palmer is on the hot seat. An obvious statement, like saying that LeGarrette Blount needs to stop punching people.

Sunday’s Guide: Can Gonzalez rebound?

The first week of preseason is drawing to a conclusion. Can you feel the excitement? We are that much closer to the start of fantasy football season. There are two games to keep track of while you gather the family for Summer Slam on Sunday.

Marshall says he ‘has got next’

Does Brandon Marshall have game? The Dolphins receiver certainly thinks so.

Jones, Owens will debut as starters for Bengals

Adam Jones‘ first game with the Cincinnati Bengals is going to be as a starter.

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