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Pick Six: NFL players we’d like to see on reality TV

Which NFL players would you most enjoy watching in their own reality show?

Ochocinco unhappy, could be on pace for big day

You might want to take a moment and sit down for this news. Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco is unhappy with his role in the Bengals’ offense.

Owens on pace to reach contract incentives

It seems that Terrell Owens is defying the expectations of everyone this season, including his own.

Monday Nightmare: That TD should have been Ben’s

No Monday night lead ever feels safe, even when you are up by 49 points (standard scoring), going against only Bengals WR Terrell Owens. It’s kind of like when Skylab was falling. Sure you were pretty confident that a piece was not going to come busting through the roof of your bedroom ceiling. Yet, you still pulled your Rams sleeping blanket over your covers for some extra padding just in case.

Week 8 of the fantasy season has been no treat

Is it me, or are most of the good fantasy players doing nothing so far today?

T.O. shows there are no style points in fantasy

Turns out that Bengals WR Terrell Owens is pretty good. Owens has two touchdown receptions already, even turning would-be interceptions into scores.

On Tap: How long will Chilly stick with Favre?

How long will Vikings coach Brad Childress stick with Brett Favre if he proves to be ineffective against the Patriots?

Urlacher among players speaking out over hits

It’s no surprise that word from players around the league has started to filter out over the last 24 hours following the NFL’s crackdown on illegal helmet-to-helmet hits.

Noteworthy nuggets from Week 6

A look at Week 6 through some of the most notable numbers of the week, with an assist from George Li of the NFL Network research desk.

League reacts to Moss trade

An assortment of NFL reaction to Wednesday’s trade that sent Randy Moss back to the Vikings.

Despite loss, Bengals’ Palmer showed improvement

Sometimes it’s difficult for players to take the medicine of truth to improve their game. Carson Palmer responded with his actions, and despite a loss to the Browns found his mojo.

Noteworthy nuggets from Week 4

With an assist from George Li on the NFL Network research desk, here’s a look at some of the most notable numbers and best performances to come out of Week 4.

Owens goes crazy against Browns

Rumors of Terrell Owens demise, apparently, have been greatly exaggerated. Why just this morning a couple of nice blokes were talking about how Owens appeared to have lost it and it was time to move on to Jordan Shipley.

T.O.: There’s no sense of panic over offense

As long as the wins keep coming, Terrell Owens says he has no reason to gripe.

Anxiety Friday: Texans WR Johnson questionable

Texans WR Andre Johnson is listed as questionable with an ankle injury, but do you think that Johnson is going to sit out a huge matchup against the Cowboys? The Texans are playing in their third Super Bowl in three weeks, and there is no way the team is going on without its best player.

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