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Newton: 2012 is a failure if Panthers not in playoff hunt

For a team that’s gone a combined 8-24 in the past two seasons, the Carolina Panthers sure are a confident bunch. Of course, that’s what happens when a player like Cam Newton bursts onto the scene.

McNabb: Brady is best QB of all-time

When Donovan McNabb isn’t pondering his own football future, he’s endorsing Tom Brady as the best quarterback. Ever.

McNabb has three teams in mind but won’t name them

Donvoan McNabb, who was released by the Vikings midway through his 13th season, didn’t sound like a player who has completely walked away during an interview with “Super Bowl Live” on Wednesday.

Irsay: Manning decision ‘isn’t about the money’

Colts owner Jim Irsay is facing some harsh realities when it comes to the future of QB Peyton Manning. Those realities, however, are filled with the uncertainty of the quarterback’s recovery, a situation Irsay has spent much of the last several weeks doing his best to explain.

How a cow becomes a football

Next time you sit down to enjoy a nice steak or a juicy hamburger, especially if you live in the Midwest, keep this in the back of your mind: That cow you’re eating also might be playing on Sundays.

The Coaches Show: Super Bowl XLVI preview

Want to know how a coach prepares his team for the Super Bowl? Listen in to “The Coaches Podcast” where Brian Billick and Marvin Lewis have the inside scoop on the Giants and Patriots from Indianapolis, and share their own personal Super Bowl experiences. Hear why the coaches think the Giants’ defensive line will be able to rattle Tom Brady and whether Rob Gronkowski‘s high ankle sprain will be a big factor in the Patriots’ game plan for Super Bowl XLVI. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.  

Giants’ Rolle doesn’t back down from talk

Antrel Rolle is no stranger to speaking his mind. He’s also no stranger to being confident. Often times for Rolle, that has created a volatile mix.

Ware: Eli playing like a Manning

Cowboys LB DeMarcus Ware says the key for the Giants is having a quarterback with the last name Manning.

Data Points: Sweeping success

With the 2011 NFL schedule release almost upon us, it should be interesting to see which teams will have the toughest road to Super Bowl XLVI. But while checking the home/away schedule and the non-division opponents gives us insight as to how difficult our favorite team’s path will be, sometimes the most overlooked facet of the NFL schedule is the obvious one: divisional games.

In Indy, they follow the ‘Manning Rule’

Pointing out Lucas Oil Stadium’s retractable roof, a security man said it’s rarely opened for games. “The ‘Manning Rule,'” he said. “We don’t open that thing unless it’s the perfect conditions for Peyton.”

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