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Kind and gentle Giants DE Justin Tuck wishes a speedy recovery for Jason Witten (after the opener)

Justin Tuck prematurely apologized if his words sounded slurred. The Giants DE had just set a Guinness World Record in New York City by leading a group of 250 people in simultaneously making Subway club sandwiches to celebrate avocado season. Those were then donated to City Harvest, a food rescue charity. Now, doing this interview with me over the phone, Tuck was eating another Subway sandwich. “There was a lot of energy, a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to donate 250 sandwiches to City Harvest,” Tuck said. “They took all of those, but now I’m eating another one right now. If you hear my mumble a little bit, that’s what it is.” Good to know. Man, is he polite. […]

Redskins QB Robert Griffin III and his family are ready for one of the NFL’s most intense fan bases

Robert Griffin III has prepared himself for the many parts of being a professional athlete. In fact, he seems ready for everything. Among the many topics we discussed during the Subway commercial shoot on Thursday, RG3 and I hit on the Washington Redskins fans. Yup, he knows they are nuts (in a good way). He likes it. But is he ready for them? “The excitement from the fan base is definitely there,” Griffin told me. “We won’t be able to say we show up at FedEx Field and there were no fans there. And they’re gonna be excited. They won’t be out there booing or anything like that. They want to see us do well. So I think it’s up to […]

My story: Redskins QB Robert Griffin III is taking on life’s hurdles (like old times)

We spent yesterday at a studio in Dallas, hanging with Redskins QB Robert Griffin III while he took part in a Subway shoot. It was a cool experience, and you read one highlight here. But in the car ride from one site to the next, I spoke with RGIII for about 10 minutes on a bunch of issues that filled up my story just posted on It was hard not to believe him when he spoke about the Redskins future. “I want to help the team win more games than they won the previous year,” Griffin told me. “I don’t want to put a limit on things, because the sky is the limit.” What was also kinda crazy? The […]

The lure of RG3: Redskins teammates will flock to Waco (really) for a summer workout

No, this isn’t a lockout-filled summer. Not this year. But that doesn’t mean players have abandoned the idea of getting together and throwing as a means of building cohesion. The Texans recently did it. And now, so will the Redskins. I spent the morning at Motion Imaginary Studio-A in Dallas, watching as Redskins QB Robert Griffin III shot a commercial for Subway. He was announced as its newest famous fan, joining the likes of Blake Griffin, Ndamukong Suh and others. You probably saw some highlights on Twitter (right). Anyway, as RG3 was being driven from one site to the next, we spoke for about 10 minutes. You’ll read a bunch of that tomorrow on But he clued me in on […]

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