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Pick Six: Coolest nicknames of all time

Remember when NFL nicknames were really cool? Too often, our generation has taken to just shortening a player’s name (A-Rod or L.T.) and calling it a day. Where has the creativity gone, America? So in honor of Cookie Gilchrist, here are the six coolest nicknames of all time.

Baugh the best ever?

Who is the greatest quarterback of all-time? That discussion is often limited to Joe Montana or John Elway if you are talking to somebody from the Madden generation. Johnny Unitas or Otto Graham if you are old enough or an associate editor. Washington Post columnist Michael Wilbon (he writes, too?) says that Sammy Baugh deserves to be mentioned with the greatest of all-time. Baugh often gets overlooked because his prime came well before NFL games were broadcast on Sundays.

Remembering Slingin’ Sammy

Former Washington Redskins quarterback Sammy Baugh might have been the greatest punter who ever lived. He also was a pretty decent quarterback, too. Baugh was part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s charter class in 1963 and was the last surviving member. Here are but a few of the stories they are telling about Slingin’ Sammy today.

Baugh’s legacy won’t be equaled

Take Peyton Manning’s arm, Champ Bailey’s instincts and Shane Lechler’s leg, mold those particular talents into one player, and presto….

Sammy Baugh is brought back to life.

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