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At the car wash

One of the aspects that makes Super Bowl unique to any other major event is radio row. As the nerve center for everything that’s being talked and written about regarding the NFL over the next week, it’s a sight to see.

Radio Row winding down

All good things must come to an end. Sadly, my friends, Radio Row is winding down to a whimper.

Dunn sees community efforts become reality

Many of the athletes who cruise Radio Row are here for charitable causes. At the top of that list is Warrick Dunn.

Buccaneers cheerleaders stop by the set

It must be rough being Scott Hanson. In between interviews with the likes of Redskins QB Jason Campbell and Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff, he has to give some time to Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders Sahara and Jeni, who are making the rounds at Radio Row promoting their calendar.

Dimitroff spins on getting to know Ryan

Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff sees a lot of similarities between Tom Brady and his own QB, Matt Ryan.

Super Bowl blogging under pressure

It’s Friday of Super Bowl week. Radio Row is packed, the Tampa skies are back to being blue and the game is just two days away. Here’s the latest from Radio Row.

Highlights from a big day on radio row

Radio row didn’t disappoint on Thursday. Not in the least. After a subdued day on Wednesday, The Row was spinning fast from the get-go.

NFL Network forced to shuffle after rain

Tampa? Well, not so gorgeous right now. In keeping up with our theme this week … well, it ended. The blue Tampa skies disappeared today, abruptly, with dark clouds and lots of rain in stretches.

Got questions? Chat with players on Radio Row

It’s fast and furious down here on Radio Row. Players are lining up at the NFL set, so we’ve been fortunate enough to get some of them to sit down and answer questions.

Live chat from Radio Row will be chatting live from Radio Row at Super Bowl XLIII’s media center in Tampa. Some of the names scheduled on the list are Adam Schefter, Terrell Davis, Jamie Dukes, Deion Sanders … just to name a few.

Witten says Cowboys have chemistry

Jason Witten feels the Cowboys have “more than enough” in terms of chemistry and leadership to be successful.

Pennington says Miami decision was clear

Chad Pennington kicked it outside on the NFL Network set Wednesday, showing why he’s a class act.

Talking football with Savage

A long conversation with former Browns GM Phil Savage brought the subject back to football.

A shot from Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. just told Scott Hanson that he could be his sidekick on NFL Network. Can you imagine?

Johnson: ‘You want to win rings’

It’s surprising, at least to me, at how many people who are here for Super Bowl week and not the Super Bowl.

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