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Put Up Your Dukes: Fisher, Young both in the wrong

In the latest installment of Put Up Your Dukes, Jamie Dukes calls out both Jeff Fisher, Vince Young and Brad Childress, but dishes out some cool points to Roy Williams of the Cowboys.

Put Up Your Dukes: Brady or Manning?

In the latest edition of “Put Up Your Dukes,” Jamie Dukes makes his choice in the great debate between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

Put Up Your Dukes: Questionable conduct?

In the latest edition of Put Up Your Dukes, NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes takes a closer look at some of the questionable conduct coming from Randy Moss and Mike Shanahan during recent postgame press conferences.

Put Up Your Dukes: Trick or Treat?

NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes checks in with a Halloween edition of Put Up Your Dukes, looking at which teams are tricks, and which are treats, heading into Week 8.

Put Up Your Dukes: Five sides to Moss saga

Jamie Dukes takes an in-depth look at the five sides to the Randy Moss saga in New England.

Put Up Your Dukes: Vikings need more A.P.

NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes takes a look at the Week 1 headlines in the first installment of Put Up Your Dukes, and says what the Vikings need is a heavy dose of Adrian Peterson.

Put Up My Dukes: Trust issues with Romo

We’re headed down the home stretch of the season, and one of the big stories everyone is following is the performance of Cowboys QB Tony Romo. I have some trust issues with “Mr. November.”

Put Up My Dukes: Midseason awards

It’s that time again, time to pass out my midseason awards. I’ve got some special awards to hand out, including the Barry Sanders Award (aka, I’m so fed up with losing it’s time to retire), the Fall Award (players who thrive during the fall, but wilt during the winter) and the Enron Award (demonstrating poor football etiquette).

Put Up My Dukes: Weight issues

It’s a concern to me that current NFL players are so big and explosive. It’s an issue, not necessarily with current players, but with retired players. In my latest Put Up Your Dukes segment on NFL Total Access, I shared my story about fighting the battle with obesity.

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