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Tale of the Tape: Blitz Blitz-burgh?

In Week 10 of last season, Pittsburgh’s defense gave up more points than they have ever allowed in the 11-year history of Heinz Field. Once again, the Patriots will visit with Tom Brady, Wes Welker, two dangerous tight ends and a bevy of running backs in tow.

‘Playbook’ mailbag: Risks of bold predictions

We hear a lot of banter from the public about the “Playbook” crew’s picks every week, especially when fans ardently disagree with a choice of a winner.

‘Playbook’ Mailbag: Tim Tebow Day

There is one quarterback generating a lot of attention – and we are willing to be the dog fascinated by the squirrel for just this instance. If Miami’s Sun Life Stadium is willing to memorialize Tim Tebow with a day in his honor – OK, it was Florida Gator Day – why can’t we answer one question about him ourselves, right?

Playbook: Jets’ disguise might have fooled Rivers

With six minutes to go in the fourth quarter, his Chargers down by three, Phillip Rivers released what must have looked to him like an easy completion to his go-to-receiver on a pivotal 3rd-and-6.

Playbook mailbag: Who’s our favorite MLB

While every question has its merit – and believe it, we enjoy answering every one of them, so keep sending them in to or via Twitter at #askplaybook – only a special kind of question can launch us into a raging debate. That question starts or ends with “why?”

Playbook: Lloyd a low-risk addition

With less touchdowns (four) than they have losses this season (five), the Rams were desperate for some kind of weapon on offense.

Tale of the Tape: Are the Bills Giant-killers?

Just a week ago, the Bills beat the media’s favorite “Dream Team” and now sit atop the AFC East. At 4-1, do the Bills have what it takes to be a contender this year? A lot of questions can be answered after Sunday’s game with the New York Giants.

Eye in the Sky: I spy … Cam?

As we will highlight in our “Tale of the Tape” this week — the Giants versus the Bills — we take particular interest in if and how a defense can get to the quarterback.

Playbook: Week 5 WRWW mailbag

We enjoyed bantering with you all with our LeBron James conversation. Now, we’ll return the favor by answering a few of your mailbag questions.

Playbook: Who is the NFL’s LeBron?

Since NBA commissioner David Stern just announced the first two weeks of the basketball season are no more, we had an interesting corollary for all you roundball-lovers.

Playbook: ‘Eye in the Sky’ focused on Texan DEs

One of the best matchups of the weekend has to be football’s version of the “Running of the Bulls,” a ground-and-pound contest between Texans RB Arian Foster and Raiders RB Darren McFadden.

Tale of the Tape: Midway Monsters vs. Motor City

It’s been more than a decade since the Lions have been on Monday night football. But when’s the last time the Lions were undefeated (4-0), tied atop their division and favorites over the Chicago Bears?

Playbook: Week 4 WRWW mailbag

Twitter-nation wasn’t shy about asking questions this week.

Playbook: Sunday night quick hitters

After watching every game on Sunday, here are a few things we noticed throughout the day.

Five ‘Eye in the Sky’ matchups for Week 4

Up to this point, we have avoided targeting the real stars of today’s NFL — the pass catchers. So, to all the gun-slinging divas and sticky-gloved jockeys out there, this is your week.

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