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Tale of the Tape: Big man’s game in Baltimore

After tonight’s Thanksgiving feast, you’ll probably feel stuffed like a 300-pound defensive lineman. That’s actually quite appropriate, because if you tune in to watch Thursday Night Football on NFL Network, all of the best talent will be in the trenches for the 49ers and Ravens.

Playbook mailbag: How to defend the Packers

Everyone wants to know how to beat Green Bay right now – coaches and fans. Here’s our best guess at how to do it.

Playbook: Five rookie QBs on display Sunday

On Sunday, we saw five rookie quarterbacks try and bring their teams back from behind – and failed. Nonetheless, they continued to make strides in their NFL journey.

Tale of the Tape: Tebow takes hold of TNF

We call Tim Tebow a winner. How else does a quarterback complete two passes in a game and win like he did last week in Kansas City?

‘Playbook’ mailbag: How do you cover “Megatron?”

Fantasy owners across the nation mourned Sunday, along with every Lions fan, because Calvin Johnson failed to score a touchdown or reach 100 yards receiving.

Playbook Pro Bowlers: Our NFC picks

The “Playbook” crew gathered what they have seen on tape this season to put together their votes for the 2011 NFC Pro Bowl team.

Playbook: 49ers use their ‘other’ dimension

In the NFL, defensive coordinators wish stopping a team was as simple as stopping one guy.

Tale of Tape: Chargers-Raiders kick off TNF

Heading into NFL Network’s first Thursday Night Football broadcast, the Raiders and Chargers (both 4-4) are looking for something to tip control of the AFC West in their favor.

Playbook mailbag: 49ers hunting for the SB?

This time of year, everyone is starting to line up their teams as ponies in an NFL derby race toward the Super Bowl. You have the usual steeds – the Packers, Steelers, and the Patriots – but a few interesting names are starting to enter the mix.

Playbook: A Fullback Renaissance in Oakland

The NFL has become a league in which spread sets are becoming the norm for offenses and the fullback has become virtually non-existent – or so you think.

Playbook: Wide-9s and Double-3s

There has been much commotion this season about a “new” phenomenon, commonly referred to as “Wide-9” defensive ends. What hasn’t been mentioned much this year, but has been equally on the rise this year, is the ‘Double 3-technique’ alignment.

Tale of the Tape: Two keys to a Bills victory vs. Jets

With the fall of the Patriots last Sunday, Buffalo is the de facto “team to beat” in the AFC East. Having already knocked off the Patriots, the Bills (5-2) now have a chance to shut down the Jets (4-3) and stay atop one of the NFL’s most competitive divisions.

Playbook Mailbag: A template to beat the Patriots?

The Steelers may not have created the template to stop the Patriots, but they clearly saw in their film study an effective strategy already in place and executed it to perfection.

‘Playbook’ on Rams-Saints: What the tape showed

When St. Louis beat New Orleans this weekend, we were surprised as all of you must have been – besides you hardcore Ram fans; we know you never wavered seeing those glorious throw-backs gracing the turf.

Playbook: Sean Lee’s injury hurts Cowboy D

Losing a game to a division rival is hard. But for the Cowboys, losing one of their best linebackers might be the hardest thing to overcome after Sunday’s loss to the Eagles.

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