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NFL fantasy football: Michael Vick or Philip Rivers?

Can Michael Vick return to his 2010 production levels, or is it safer to select Philip Rivers in fantasy football drafts?

San Diego Chargers are pretty unanimous in support of Norv Turner, says Philip Rivers

I’m spending the day in San Diego, as glorious a training camp setting as you could possibly imagine. What an awesome place. We went live on NFL Network with their practice and taped a bunch of one-on-one interviews. Of course, one topic was the return of Turner, who at one point last year looked like a goner. Instead, a 4-1 run to end the season gave him (at least) one more season.

NFL Fantasy football: Rivers a reliable option

Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers is expected to have a bounce-back year in 2012, but will he be able to overcome the loss of Vincent Jackson?

Tale of Tape: Chargers-Raiders kick off TNF

Heading into NFL Network’s first Thursday Night Football broadcast, the Raiders and Chargers (both 4-4) are looking for something to tip control of the AFC West in their favor.

Playbook: Jets’ disguise might have fooled Rivers

With six minutes to go in the fourth quarter, his Chargers down by three, Phillip Rivers released what must have looked to him like an easy completion to his go-to-receiver on a pivotal 3rd-and-6.

Pro Bowl not your typical game, as expected

The Pro Bowl was kind of funny to watch, definitely entertaining. And that’s just what you’d expect from the game.

Final thoughts on the eve of Pro Bowl

The week in Hawaii is almost over, with the Pro Bowl set to happen on Sunday at Aloha Stadium.

Roundup: Parker reportedly taking business personally

Willie Parker reportedly is taking a strong stance against the Steelers, and it stems from feeling unappreciated.

It was the best year ever for NFL quarterbacks

Week 17 featured quite a few individual milestones and several single-season records, including some big numbers for NFL QBs.

Roundup: Meet the New Same Old Bengals (NSOBs)

The 2009 Bengals are no longer the same old squad, as evidenced by their 17-7 win over the Ravens on Sunday. They are, according to Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Paul Daugherty, the New Same Old Bengals (NSOBs).

Week 6 notes and observations

With the help of ace NFL Network researcher Dave Carabello, we’ve uncovered some numbers that could provide a hint as to what fans will see this weekend.

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