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Fantasy football: Don’t be confused – Tony Romo is elite

While his performance on the field has at times left something to be desired, Tony Romo’s numbers show that he is actually an elite fantasy football quarterback.

Vote: Best storyline for 2012 NFL season

What is the best storyline for the 2012 NFL season?

Comparing 2012 NFL rookies to their contemporaries

The 2012 season is just days away from kicking off and this looks like an exciting season with a lot of big-name rookies expected to make a huge impact. But you can’t talk about those rookies without the inevitable comparisons. Here’s a look at some of the top rookies and how they compare to their contemporaries.

Former Colt Sorgi: Peyton Manning worked me like a dog

Jim Sorgi laments the perception that his job with the Colts was cushy.

Jake Locker’s fantasy appeal is rising

The Tennessee Titans will go with Jake Locker as their starting quarterback in 2012, our Michael Lombardi reports. But let’s cut to the chase; what does this mean for his fantasy value.

My story: Looking back on the trip to see the debuts of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck

Last week, I went on an eventful trip with a fairly narrow focus — Check out the preseason debuts of Broncos QB Peyton Manning and Colts QB Andrew Luck. Off to Chicago for Manning vs. the Bears and then to Indy for Luck vs. the Rams. What did I find? That as similar as Manning and Luck seemed from the outset, they are even more similar upon close examination. In a way, Luck is the ghost of Manning future, while Manning is simply trying to be the ghost of Manning present. Or something like that. It’s just amazing how much they seem like one another — smart, cerebral passers with flat affects who grew up watching their fathers deal with […]

Testaverde can relate to Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck situations

Vinny Testaverde has been where several current NFL quarterbacks now find themselves.

Can Andrew Luck match Cam Newton’s rookie campaign?

Expectations for Andrew Luck are high, but can he match Cam Newton 2011 season.

My story: A reflective Broncos QB Peyton Manning appreciates what led him to last night

We spent last night in Chicago, checking out the preseason debut of new Broncos QB Peyton Manning. The ex-Colts star played just 12 snaps, but to him, it meant so much more. Manning was serious last night, in game mode. Right up until he stopped his interview to show his appreciation. He missed an entire season, underwent several neck surgeries, changed teams… and has emerged. And he wanted to thank the people who made it happen. Manning led his team on a 50-yard drive yesterday before throwing an interception. He also converted a third-and-17. But we’ll have plenty of time to discuss all the football things. Last night at Soldier Field wasn’t about that. Last night was about Manning’s trek […]

NFL fantasy football: Julio Jones rockets up the ranks

Should Atlanta Falcons wideout Julio Jones be considered an elite fantasy football prospect after his first preseason performance of 2012?

Hello from Chicago… What to expect from tonight’s Bears/Broncos preseason game

Hello from Chicago, where we’re set to take in tonight’s Bears/Broncos preseason game. You can tell me they don’t count all you want (they don’t), but I’m still pretty psyched. Can’t go wrong with watching Broncos QB Peyton Manning’s return. So, what will you see tonight at Soldier Field? Well, as our buddy Albert Breer reported, essentially one or two series from Manning. If they score in 10 plays or whatever, he’ll be out. And if it’s time for the starting offensive line to come out, don’t expect Manning out there with the backups. Still, it’s the most football he’s played in a long, long time. That Wild Card loss to the Jets in 2010 was his last snap, an […]

NFL fantasy football: LeSean McCoy easing workload?

Will Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy’s willingness to give Dion Lewis more carries impact his fantasy football value?

Madden NFL 13: Eli Manning is better than Peyton Manning

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning caused a stir prior to last season when he told the world he was an elite quarterback. Eli, of course, proved his doubters wrong when he was selected as MVP of Super Bowl XLVI — the second of his NFL career.

Double Coverage: Manning brothers debate

NFL AM’s Steve Wyche and Mark Kriegel debate which Manning will have the better 2012 season.

My story live from Tahoe: Why Broncos exec John Elway thinks balance is what will determine their season

John Elway spent last year getting asked about Tim Tebow. Now, the Broncos executive VP gets asked about Peyton Manning. It’s cool. He understands. As Elway told me before a practice round of the American Heritage Celebrity Golf Championship, those queries will persist until everyone sees Manning throw. But what Elway wanted to talk about was balance. The running game. As he figured out through his career, the best way to earn a Super Bowl ring is to be able to do a lot of things as an offense, rather than just wing it. “If that’s one thing that I ever learned, having been through three Super Bowls where we didn’t run the football very well (it’s that you need […]

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