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Eli wants to see Peyton stay a Colt, much to Indy’s liking

If there’s anyone outside of the Colts and their fans who want to see Peyton Manning return to the field, it just might be someone who grew up competing against him.

Does winning in Peyton’s building matter to Eli?

One of the cool things about having fans involved in Media Day is the life they breath into the stadium. But I have to admit, the random cheers emanating from the crowd at random points of the day is a little disconcerting.

Pocket Hercules seeks ‘truth’ at Media Day

Maurice Jones-Drew, the NFL’s reigning rushing champion, dropped by Media Day in search of “the truth.”

A slip of the tongue by Eli?

Did Giants quarterback Eli Manning have a slip of the tongue on Monday in discussing the future of big brother Peyton? It’s possible.

Sharpe: Colts need to move on from Manning

Peyton Manning is dominating Super Bowl week in Indianapolis, and Hall of Fame TE Shannon Sharpe said Monday the Colts must prepare themselves to make an unpopular decision.

Tennessee fans want Peyton; Colts ‘garbage’ without QB, Irvin says

The recently launched is urging fans to donate greenbacks for billboards, radio ads and viral videos aimed at convincing the former Tennessee Volunteer — if he parts ways with the Colts — to end his career in poetic fashion.

Three and out: Bradshaw says he’s ready for SB 46

Now that the countdown to Super Bowl XLVI has officially begun, some of the attention is off Rob Gronkowski’s ankle and turning toward Ahmad Bradshaw’s foot.

Pro Bowlers talk Manning, legacies

With Peyton Manning‘s end in Indianapolis coming sooner or later,’s Jeff Darlington spoke to some Pro Bowlers to find out what it means for players and fan bases when a legendary player finally moves on.

Pro Bowl newbies on high alert for rookie hazing

With Peyton Maning not around to break in the newest Pro Bowlers, the practical joking has taken a backseat to sun tanning and paddle boarding …for now.

Fantasy Live Podcast: Peyton’s place

Michael Fabiano and Elliot Harrison are joined by NFL Network’s Steve Wyche to talk all things Peyton Manning including what the superstar’s fantasy value will be in 2012 depending on what team he may be playing for. In the second hour, the guys play “Fantasy Jeopardy” and go back to the “Fantasy Cantina” to talk what players are in for a breakout season in 2012 and what players will leave much to be desired.

Three and out: Manning says he’s not retiring

Despite reports from a certain TV star, Peyton Manning says he has no plans to retire. However, Manning says he still doesn’t know about his future with the Colts.

Three and out: Manning could be on the move

If Peyton Manning leaves the Colts, where will he end up? More importantly, how will it affect his fantasy value?

More regrettable tweets from Rob Lowe

This isn’t the first time Rob Lowe has broken news. As a longtime Lowe follower, I was able to go back and look back at some of the most infamous tweets.*

Three and out: Gore’s injured leg not an issue

Still need a running back in the NFL Playoff Challenge? Well, it looks like Frank Gore is good to go against the New York Giants.

Three and out: Sanchez root of Jets’ offensive woes?

Mark Sanchez is the latest target of player ire in the Jets’ locker room. But is he the root cause of Gang Green’s offensive woes this season and how does it affect the team’s fantasy outlook for 2012?

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