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Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL…

With training camp in full swing, we’re flying around the country to bring you all sorts of interesting (and non-interesting) stuff. Let’s pause this Sunday morning to embrace routine with our nine really random things. So, what’s been up? 1. NFL Training Camp is only a few days old, but already something fantastic has happened. I’ll say right now, we’ll be hard-pressed to find something better during the entire months of July and August. What was it? Tim Tebow ran shirtless in the rain. Our friend Bob Glauber of Newsday captured it brilliantly, showing the world the most highly publicized backup in history playing for the skins team. It rained at Jets camp, Tebow needed to go inside and he […]

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL…

As we do every week, let’s take a swing through the NFL to see what was going on during one of the last weeks of football before the summer. So, what’s been up? 1. I spent a few days watching the Cowboys this offseason, including two days this week. There is a lot to like about this team (as is the case every year around this time), but I feel like I’ve found the thing Dallas fans should be most excited about: Dez Bryant. I know, I know, you’ve been waiting for this for a while. Yet you’ve heard more about his off-the-field issues (money problems, jewelry) than his on-the-field stuff. But man, he has looked excellent this spring. The highlight […]

The Giants learned that all’s fair in love and cutting dudes to put them on IR

Well, that was awkward yesterday, wasn’t it? The Giants had cut injured TE Jake Ballard, who tore his ACL during the Super Bowl. Their goal was to put him on Injured Reserve after he cleared waivers, then have him for 2013. Yeah… that didn’t happen. As you know, wily Bill Belichick claimed Ballard, and now he’s a member of the Patriots. He won’t play this year, likely, but he’ll be around for 2013. It’s easy to see why there is interest. The well-schooled Ballard had four catches for 67 yards and a TD against the Pats during the regular season, tearing them up. But it’s the whole issue of claiming a guy another team wants to put on IR that […]

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL…

As we do every week, let’s take a swing around the NFL, looking at a bunch of random things …

Dear Internet: Oh, if only Rob Gronkowski and Kim Kardashian can get together…

Dear Interwebs: I don’t ask for much. Maybe a dumb picture here. Maybe a stupid movie there. Some sort of snarky article on Deadspin or the Big Lead will usually suffice. I’m low maintenance. But I will ask for something now. Hopefully, I’ve saved up my favors. Hopefully, one puny request won’t fall on deaf ears. Because last night, I came across this item on the gossip side of the Internet linking Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski and famous for something Kim Kardashian as a item. The “news” is short on details, and who knows if it’s real? I acknowledge that it could be completely bogus, just like all those ridiculous gossipy magazines The Banktress reads. But if it was real — […]

The Jets and their safeties take another step forward in trying to stop the Patriots…

The Jets spent last offseason watching from their couches or golf courses while the rival Patriots made a Super Bowl run. And everywhere you turned, the attention wasn’t just on Tom Brady or Bill Belichick. The spotlight was on tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, the dynamic duo that was such a major part of one of the NFL’s best offenses. In fact, I probably said the word “Gronkle” 800 times leading up to Super Bowl XLVI. The Jets haven’t done a ton in free agency… but what they have done appears to be with an eye toward stopping the TEs. I don’t know if it’ll work, but it seems that’s the idea. There was another example yesterday when […]

My story: Examining the cautionary tales and Patriots WR Wes Welker’s future

The debate over Patriots WR Wes Welker’s future is raging. He signed his franchise tender, but then spoke out about how poorly the negotiations are going. Few don’t believe Welker is worth big money for his production now. But it’s when you get a little bit into the future when it gets dicey. Welker is, after all, 31 years old, and he has taken a lot of hits. He plays fearlessly over the middle, which may be why he’s been beat up. In discussing a possible extension, it may be instructive to look into the past. That’s what I did, examining the last two slot receivers who have starred for coach Bill Belichick — Wayne Chrebet and Troy Brown. Are […]

Why Patriots WR Wes Welker played the only hand he could in signing his franchise tag

Patriots WR Wes Welker officially signed the franchise tender Tuesday, calling it a “leap of faith.” I’ll call it something else — his best option.

Gronkd again: Why my Thursday nights in the summer just got reallllllllllly busy…

The summer is usually a slow time in this business. Teams wrap up their mini-camps on June 14, then go off into hibernation until preseason training camp in late July. That’s a decent chunk of time to not do much at all. Sure, there is golf to play (and I need to find a place in Dallas). And there are tans to work on. But what else? Well, I just found something. And it’s awesomely ridiculous. Fox has a new dating show (as we told you about here), which usually is a guarantee of something I won’t be watching. I mean, unless they bring back Elimidate, I’m out. And this show, which features celebrities hearing pitches from non-celebrities who want […]

Another important reminder that behind the curtain, we really don’t know everything…

We covered my thoughts on Patriots longtime left tackle Matt Light yesterday, reflecting on his career following his retirement announcement. I knew Light for three years, talking to him in the locker room after practices and games, seeing him at charity events, and wherever else. We knew each other, I’d say, fairly well. But last night, we all received a reminder of something absolutely essential. It’s an important lesson for reporters, fans, coaches, and really anyone who comes across those who live in the spotlight. We think we know. We really don’t know. In a fantastic article by Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston, Light details his decade-long battle with Crohn’s disease. It’s a nasty ailment, one that Light lived with […]

Looking back at the unlikely career of Patriots LT Matt Light, Tom Brady’s bodyguard

Today over in Foxboro, Mass., Patriots LT Matt Light received a retirement send-off, the kind the Patriots reserve for special players. Tedy Bruschi, for instance, got one. And Light, an 11-year Patriots stalwart who protected QB Tom Brady’s valuable backside during five Super Bowls, deserves one, too. Light’s retirement is not exactly a surprise. I mentioned it was heading that way on Feb. 21, and the Patriots are well-prepared for this move. First-rounder Nate Solder and second-rounder Sebastian Vollmer (if healthy) should serve the team well into the next decade. But that doesn’t mean everyone is happy. QB Tom Brady tried to persuade Light to play one more year by offering him endless KIT KATs, Light told reporters at Gillette […]

Days later, tributes are still pouring in for fallen LB Junior Seau

It has been three days since legendary linebacker Junior Seau tragically took his own life. The 12-time Pro Bowl selection is still on the minds of many in the NFL.

Ex-Patriots CB Leigh Bodden is rehabbing his back, “seeing if it can be able to withstand 16 games”

When we last heard from ex-Patriots CB Leigh Bodden, he was speaking from a hospital bed in North Carolina. Back then, Bodden had just undergone surgery to fix a herniated disc in his back, one that ruined his 2011 season and put his future in doubt. That was six months ago, yet Bodden’s status for 2012 is still up in the air. We spoke yesterday about the loss of his former teammate Junior Seau, and then we hit on what his plans are for this season. Bodden’s first goal? Get his back healthy, then see what happens. “I’ve just been working out my back, seeing if it can be able to withstand 16 games, if I can come back or […]

My story: A recollection of legendary LB Junior Seau’s time with the Patriots

By now, you have no doubt heard the shocking news. Future Hall of Fame linebacker Junior Seau tragically died today, leaving everyone who knew him or saw him or heard of him mourning. I met Junior in 2009 while I was covering the Patriots, and he was in his final season. It was one thing to be in the presence of a future Hall of Fame. It was another thing to be around a guy who everyone just liked. His humor was infectious, players hung on his every word, and no one loved football more than he did. It was tough not to get drawn in. When I began calling around today to find people to talk about what he meant […]

‘Playbook’ picks: Patriots or Giants?

“Playbook” analysts Solomon Wilcots, Brian Baldinger, Joe Theismann, Sterling Sharpe,/b>, Matt Millen and Brian Billick make their picks for Super Bowl XLVI

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