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Too early to write off Schaub, Texans

Texans QB Matt Schaub, you have avoided the list. At least for now.

Overreaction Theater: Brees is worst in the league

Drew Brees is the worst quarterback in the league. Kyle Orton would have been a better first-round pick than Brees in my fantasy draft. Come on people, do not overreact.

Kubiak up to his old tricks again

The Texans opened the scoring this week with a long touchdown run — by Derrick Ward. Thank you, coach.

Overreaction Theater: Floyd, Greene are busts

The bright lights of Monday night football bring extra hand wringing for fantasy enthusiasts hanging their hopes on big prime time performances to push them over the top. But if you were waiting for Ryan Mathews, Malcolm Floyd or Shonn Greene to come through for you on Monday, well, I hope you were watching Chad Ochcocinco get punked by the Miz on Monday Night Raw instead.

Overreaction Theater: Seahawks are for real

The Seahawks have made a statement. At least that is what the pundits would have you believe. But can you really trust any of the Seahawks on your fantasy team?

Oh, Fitzgerald is playing

Tickets were going fast for another version of Overreaction Theater, but we have a Larry Fitzgerald sighting. Cardinals QB Derek Anderson was having a rather decent day, but was leaving Fitzgerald out of the action.

Overreaction Theater: McFadden is a superstar

Here is the thing that gets overlooked in a game like the Titans blowout of the Raiders. RB Darren McFadden actually had a good game. Seriously. Well, at least fantasy wise.

Overreaction Theater: Draft Bradford in the first round

Alright, you guys understand how preseason works right? Understandable that fans in St. Louis are starving for any positive signs from preseason, but the rest of us need to keep some perspective.

Overreaction Theater: Favre regrets coming back

No Sidney Rice. Teams taking liberties with his health. And now Brett Favre has fumbled and is seen shaking his hand. The overreaction here is that Favre is regretting coming back and he is going going to be the player that he was last year.

Overreaction Theater: Charles’ fumble dooms Chiefs

Football fanatics and fantasy enthusiasts alike have wondered why Chiefs coach Todd Haley has kept Jamaal Charles as the No. 2 running back on the depth chart. Didn’t he see what Charles has been doing with the rock this preseason? He’s the next Barry Word!

Overreaction Theater: Greatest Show is back!

The Greatest Show on Turf is back, ladies and gentlemen. St. Louis has a high-flying offense again.

Overreaction Theater II: Rivers taking Mathews’ carries

Chargers backup RB Mike Tolbert got a goal-line carry last week, and the hysteria among fantasy enthusiasts was palpable. Rookie RB Ryan Mathews was going to lose carries on the goal line, some yelped. Like they were George Costanza or something.

Overreaction Theater: Foster will be benched

Texans RB Arian Foster will be benched for the entire season!

At least that is the snap judgement in this edition of Overreaction Theater.

Overreaction Theater: Hold on to the ball

WR Andre Johnson needs to be taken off your fantasy football draft board. He is never going to see the field again!

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