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What to expect from the joint practice between the Chiefs and Cardinals….

Hello from St. Joseph, a little town in Missouri that houses the Kansas City Chiefs’ training camp. Today, it’s also home to a joint practice between the Chiefs and the Arizona Cardinals at 3 p.m. central. A cool deal. I love these things. So… what will we see? As KC coach Romeo Crennel explained, the teams will start out on separate fields, doing their stretching and individual drills. Then, they’ll start drills and the defenses will travel to the other field, offenses will stay where they are. At that point, they’ll start drills, 1-on-1s, 7-on-7, and some two-minute drills. The teams won’t tackle to the ground, and it won’t be completely live. But it’ll be a chance for both coaches […]

Recapping this trip: The Oxnard, Calif. edition

A few days of hopping around the West Coast, and we finally settled in to one spot for a few days. As you’ve seen on Twitter and on here, we’ve spent the last few days chillin’ in Oxnard, Calif. with the Cowboys. (Here is my training camp report.) As we head back East, let’s review… How was Oxnard? — I like the idea of a training camp in a random small city away from the team facility. And after being in Oxnard for a few days (my first off-site spot), I like it even more. It’s not just the camp mentality that it builds, with players away from their family and only having one thing to concentrate on for a […]

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said, WHAT? Some context…

Just a quick thought before we head out to practice… Yesterday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones raised more than a few eyebrows for some comments he made during the pep rally before the team’s first practice. (Yes, there was a pep rally, complete with cheerleaders.) It was loud, the band was playing, the fans were cheering, and Jones was amped. Jones told the screaming masses to “come to Cowboys Stadium and watch us beat the Giants’ ass.” Crowd went nuts, reporters (like this one) reached for Twitter. Cue pandemonium. It led to some reaction today, specifically from the Cowboys peeps and Giants fans, who are going nuts. Coach Jason Garrett wisely sidestepped the remarks, saying, “Jerry Jones owns this football team and […]

Cowboys QB Tony Romo takes pride in saying the player he was in 2009 was ‘laughable’

This is a little bit of a TiVo delay here, as the Dallas Cowboys just finished their walk-through this morning in Oxnard, Calif. And there were people who spoke after practice today, including CB Brandon Carr and RB DeMarco Murray, who are noteworthy. But I wanted to bring it back to last night for a minute. About 8 p.m. central time (late), QB Tony Romo talked to reporters, and I know his comments got missed by some. So, before we go forward, let’s review. And what I was struck by was Romo’s assessment of his past play. He became the starter in 2006, leading the team to a 6-4 record. And of course, by 2009, he was a star, going […]

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL…

With training camp in full swing, we’re flying around the country to bring you all sorts of interesting (and non-interesting) stuff. Let’s pause this Sunday morning to embrace routine with our nine really random things. So, what’s been up? 1. NFL Training Camp is only a few days old, but already something fantastic has happened. I’ll say right now, we’ll be hard-pressed to find something better during the entire months of July and August. What was it? Tim Tebow ran shirtless in the rain. Our friend Bob Glauber of Newsday captured it brilliantly, showing the world the most highly publicized backup in history playing for the skins team. It rained at Jets camp, Tebow needed to go inside and he […]

Understanding why 49ers LB Aldon Smith apologized for getting stabbed…

It was an eventful day in Santa Clara for 49ers training camp yesterday, which is always the case when Randy Moss talks. You read some highlights here, and you can see more here. We’ll have a recap later today on what went down (hopefully) in Santa Clara. But Moss wasn’t the only notable person to speak. Second-year linebacker Aldon Smith, who burst onto the scene last year with 14 sacks, also met the media. It was the first time he’d done so since he got stabbed earlier in the summer. And, put that with an arrest for DUI even earlier than that, and it’s been a tough offseason. Aldon was 100 percent yesterday, projecting optimism: “I felt better than ever, I’m […]

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