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Week 13 KABOOM! goes to Josh Gordon (again)

Josh Gordon broke a ton of NFL records while almost single-handedly winning his owners their fantasy matchups in Week 13. That earns him his second consecutive KABOOM! award.

Unexpected (and expected) for week 16: Everyone loves kickers

Welcome to week 16, where we saw several records be broken… by kickers! There was also a 50-burger dropped in Green Bay, a real record broken in Detroit, and a heart-warming moment as the cherry on top of a wild Sunday. Let’s get to the unexpected (and expected) for week 16.

Dolphins closing in on turnover record

The Dolphins are going for more than just a playoff spot in this game: They have the chance to break an NFL record for fewest turnovers in a 16-game regular season. (The Chiefs had just 12 turnovers during the nine-game 1982 season.) After Chad Pennington‘s fumble with 11 minutes left in the second quarter against the Jets, the Dolphins have 13 turnovers.

Collins reaches 35,000 career yards

Titans QB Kerry Collins became the 15th passer in NFL history to reach 35,000 career yards on Sunday.

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