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Monday Nightmare: Jamaal Charles comes through

If you know anything about me, you know I love to play guys on Monday night. Well, unless they play for the Kansas City Chiefs. I needed just 4.53 points from Jamaal Charles on Monday night, and to be honest, I didn’t think it was going to get it. Seriously, my fantasy week wasn’t so much dependent on Charles having a decent night, but more to the point, I needed Romeo Crennel to remember Charles was on his team.

Monday Nightmare: Who has it worse than me?

The fantasy therapy couch is open for business. Come share your tales of woe.

Monday Nightmare: Megatron fizzles

Anybody who needed a minimum of four points from Calvin Johnson on Monday night must have felt pretty good about their chances. But the nightmare was only beginning.

Monday Nightmare: Playoff dreams dashed

Some playoff dreams were dashed on Monday night. And no, not just the Jets. (Although in fairness to the Jets, they should make the playoffs. But coach Rex Ryan would just have a hard time getting those guys on plane to fly to New England in January.)

Monday Nightmare: Not even the boss is immune

Think your immune to the Monday Nightmare? managing editor Jim Loftus was in a heated battle with fantasy editor Michael Fabiano in a match that had the entire office talking. Here is Loftus’ account of what happened.

Monday Nightmare: Rivers returns the favor

Fantasy football sure can be fickle. One week, you are taunting your friend as Eagles QB Michael Vick scored touchdown after touchdown after touchdown. The next week you are crying.

Monday Nightmare: How did Vick do?

Well, that was something. Not sure if Redskins QB Donovan McNabb was in shape enough to just watch Eagles QB Michael Vick.

Monday Nightmare: That TD should have been Ben’s

No Monday night lead ever feels safe, even when you are up by 49 points (standard scoring), going against only Bengals WR Terrell Owens. It’s kind of like when Skylab was falling. Sure you were pretty confident that a piece was not going to come busting through the roof of your bedroom ceiling. Yet, you still pulled your Rams sleeping blanket over your covers for some extra padding just in case.

Monday Nightmare: Who lost on that pick six?

I received a text Monday night from a good friend that just read, “nervous.” After a few inquiries, my friend finally admitted that he was clinging to the slimmest of margins in his fantasy league.

Monday nightmare: Patriot games

Many of you play in multiple fantasy leagues, so Monday night games can be both heaven and hell depending on where you are sitting.

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