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No surprise, Smith delivers during speech

The fans had waited for it, and the Cowboys fans gave Emmitt Smith a thunderous ovation when he gave his induction speech. And those flash bulbs in the crowd never seemed to dim, constantly flashing brightly for the entire speech.

Irvin thanks Smith for being Smith

Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin may be hobbled (turns out he was injured during the EA Sports flag football game) but he remains larger than life.

Almost a complete set of triplets

Barely 9 a.m. in the morning, and already we’ve run into two-thirds of the famed “Triplets” of the 1990s Cowboys — Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin.

‘Emmitt Smith’s Road to Canton’ airs Wednesday

Legendary Dallas Cowboys Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith co-host the 30-minute special “Emmitt Smith’s Road to Canton” on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on NFL Network.

Players’ take on Dez’s defiance: It’s the principle

NFL Network’s Marshall Faulk thinks Dez Bryant sent the wrong message by choosing to defy Roy Williams’ minor rookie hazing.

Staubach should be at the top of Cowboys’ all-time list

Michael Irvin is awesome. Anybody who has spent any time with Irvin around the offices of NFL Network (or otherwise) will likely tell you the same thing. Irvin is a great guy.

But he is not the No. 3 Cowboys player of all time.

Irvin: ‘No way’ Favre stays away

On the heels of Cris Carter‘s impassioned proclamation that Brett Favre is coming back, former Cowboys receiver and NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin proclaimed in his classic fashion that Favre’s love of the game won’t let him retire just yet.

What’s in a name, what are the best NFL nicknames?

NFL Total Access counted down the Top 10 nicknames in NFL history. And of course, with varying opinions, there is no way to get every awesome nickname. Meaning some are going to be left behind.

Irvin teaches Bryant about Cowboys’ history

Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin talked to rookie Dez Bryant about the “enormity” of wearing No. 88 for the Cowboys.

The NFL numbers game: What the rookies will wear

Whether you want to race out to NFL Shop or if you want to update your roster on Madden, some of the top draft picks revealed what number they will be wearing in the NFL.

Irvin: Dolphins will embrace Marshall

In light of the trade between the Broncos and Dolphins Wednesday, Michael Irvin addressed the marriage of Brandon Marshall, who has had his share of off-field issues, and the allures of Miami.

A perfect script for Smith

The events unfolding at Saturday’s Hall of Fame news conference are heartwarming.

Should Warner retire?

Cardinals QB Kurt Warner has the decision to make — retire, or come back for a 13th NFL season in 2010. The NFL GameDay Morning crew took up the topic, and analysts Marshall Faulk and Steve Mariucci believe Warner will walk away this time.

Phillips: Working with Jones ‘a great situation’

Wade Phillips is 32-15 in his third season as Cowboys coach, yet he continually faces questions about his job status. That has brought some speculation that Phillips has a bad relationship with team owner Jerry Jones, but the coach told NFL Network’s Michael Irvin that it isn’t so.

Michael Irvin makes perfect sense to me

Would you trade three Super Bowl wins and a Hall of Fame ring for a perfect season? I can see the allure.

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