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Pocket Hercules seeks ‘truth’ at Media Day

Maurice Jones-Drew, the NFL’s reigning rushing champion, dropped by Media Day in search of “the truth.”

Now for the news: Gronkowski’s ankle feels better

The bulk of Media Day questions hurled at Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski concerned his left ankle, which he hurt during the AFC Championship Game two weeks ago and provides the only major injury storyline of this Super Bowl.

Bill Belichick will not humor you on Media Day

Apparently, the greatest challenge in Media Day is trying to get Bill Belichick to play along with your dumb comedy bits.

Super Bowl XLVI: Patriots at Media Day

See the best photos from the Patriots’ Super Bowl XLVI Media Day session Tuesday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

There’s room for two Bradys at Media Day

Tom Brady should be sitting at podium No. 10 on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium, but instead, he’s chillin’ in the lower deck behind the Giants’ sideline.

It’s the big game before the big game: Media Day

Thought we’d never make it to Lucas Oil Stadium, thanks to some tight security, but we’re coming to you live from what will be the Giants’ sideline five days from now.

Pick VI: Memorable Media Day moments

In some respects, Media Day has become an industry self-congratulatory event, where members of the media jostle for attention to try to show just how clever they can be. Kind of like the Golden Globes.

Here is a look at the top six moments.

La Canfora steals show in Best of Media Day

The Best of Media Day from the NFL Network recaps some important moments, including a career highlight for insider Jason La Canfora.

Saints’ Duckworth has lifting experience at Media Day

Having retreated from the fray of Media Day at the stadium, my over-riding impression of another memorable day’s fun and frolics will have to be the smile on the face of Saints backup offensive lineman Tim Duckworth.

Bush looks at Media Day from a different angle

Of all the individual experiences players have on Media Day, Saints RB Reggie Bush may have had the most unique perspective of them all.

A true hero among sporting giants

You know this is a tough assignment when you bump into a uniformed war reporter at Media Day. Staff Sergeant Josh Hauser is a bona fide Combat Correspondent for the U.S. Army, fresh from a tour in Iraq, and now running the gauntlet of trying to interview players during this increasingly rambunctious event.

Flower power in full bloom at Media Day

Give peace a chance. You might think that’s a strange message to be sending out just before the Colts and Saints do fierce battle for football’s highest honor. But that didn’t stop Vic “The Brick” Jacobs presenting the most unusual angle I found at Media Day.

Of skin-tight jeans and bare midriffs …

Of course, while many make the mistake of thinking the players are the story at Media Day, I know better. For all the brilliance Manning and Co. bring on the field of play, the chances of them doing or saying anything remarkable in front of the massed phalanxes of microphones, Dictaphones and TV cameras are barely between “slim” and “none.”

No biz like Snow biz with Super Bowl Idol

From the folks who gave us Dancing with the Super Bowl Stars in Tampa last year, we have a whole (side)show dedicated to a real talent-fest among this year’s players.

Watch, chat live during Media Day

As the scene at Media Day starts to ramp up, here’s how you can keep up with all the action, watching or chatting live with us on the scene.

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