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Big Ben’s injury won’t have fantasy impact

Despite an injured foot, Ben Roethlisberger will still be a solid option for fantasy owners down the stretch.

Week 12 notable nuggets

With an assist from the NFL Network research desk and the crew at @NFLfootballinfo, here’s a look at the most notable numbers and performances from Sunday’s games in Week 12.

Week 10 notable nuggets

With an assist from the NFL Network research crew, here’s a look at some of the most notable statistics from Week 10.

Turner struggles, but still a must-start RB

Nothing like starting your fantasy league with three points heading into the weekend. As much fun as it is playing guys with Monday night matchups, this is the horror of playing guys on Thursday night. One bad game kind of ruins the start of your weekend.

Noteworthy nuggets from Week 9

With an assist from the research desk at NFL Network, here’s a look at some of the most interesting numbers and performances in Week 9.

Noteworthy nuggets from Week 7

A look at Week 7 through some of the most notable numbers of the week, with an assist from George Li of the NFL Network research desk:

Quarterbacks, wideouts ruling the roost in Week 7

Week 7 has been huge for quarterbacks and wide receivers, both on the field and in fantasy football.

Falcons WR White on a monster pace

Roddy White is on his way to a monster game for fantasy owners.

Falcons’ Ryan is about more than just statistics

Matt Ryan is going to be that type of quarterback where there are games that statistics just don’t matter. I don’t care what his numbers tell me during games, because I feel like at some point he’s going to make winning plays.

Mindset of Falcons is evident from hustle

Rich McKay, Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith came together to assemble a team built in the image of hustle, and the Falcons are living up to it.

Noteworthy nuggets from Week 4

With an assist from George Li on the NFL Network research desk, here’s a look at some of the most notable numbers and best performances to come out of Week 4.

Fun facts: Who is the only team without passing TD?

Want to impress your pals when you gather to watch the Week 3 action Sunday? As we pored through the voluminous stack of notes prepared this week by the crack NFL Network staff for the NFL GameDay Morning crew to use, we pulled out a few nuggets you can use as fun facts or tough trivia:

Do you dump Kolb from your fantasy roster?

So what now happens with Kevin Kolb? Sometimes the best thing you can do to a person is dump them, because it motivates them to get into the gym and work harder than ever before.

Disguise by LeBeau led to interception, Steelers’ win

Some trickery from Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau that might otherwise go unnoticed led directly to the overtime win against the Falcons on Sunday.

Owners should use Big Ben in draft strategy

I think you can actually use Ben Roethlisberger’s suspension to your advantage. Here’s how.

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