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Week 2 Playbook picks: A Cowboys upset?

Week 2 Playbook picks

Tackling issues in Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Dallas

Every Wednesday this season, the research staff at “Playbook” will be taking your questions through email ( and on Twitter (@NFLN_Playbook, with #askplaybook hashtag), and answering them in this blog. Here is the first batch of questions we’ve selected.

Millen preaches patience for Vikings

Is Brett Favre worth the wait, and the ordeal the Vikings are dealing with in order to get him back? NFL Network analysts Matt Millen and Jim Mora say yes on both accounts.

Millen: Cowboys have better feel for Roy Williams

NFL Network analyst Matt Millen, who has as much insight on Roy E. Williams as anyone, says the receiver will be improved in 2010.

Lions in a fighting mood as minicamp ends

The Lions are mad as hell, and they are not going to take it anymore. Of course, a decade of losing will do that to you.

Lions’ owner: Millen, Marinelli probably weren’t ready

Lions owner William Clay Ford spoke publicly for the first time since firing general manager Matt Millen and head coach Rod Marinelli after a winless 2008 season, telling that the two probably weren’t ready for the job.

Sprint passed up marketing gold

When Sprint signed up Peyton Manning to feature on its TV commercials, it made a bigger mistake than the Browns drafting Tim Couch ahead of Donovan McNabb.

Favre answers allegations

Since reported that Brett Favre provided inside information to Matt Millen and the Detroit Lions, people wondered how the Jets quarterback would respond.

A look at Detroit’s draft disasters under Millen

While Detroit scored a huge victory in landing three draft picks for Roy Williams, the trade also shined a light on how poor the Lions drafts were.

The irony of Millen’s firing

There is an irony to the Matt Millen firing. The last head coach in Detroit that he let go, Dick Jauron, is on the verge of receiving a long-term contract extension in Buffalo.

The Bills and Jauron have had recent ongoing and amiable talks aimed at procuring an extension for the head coach now in the last year of his contract. It is likely to get done given Buffalo’s strong start and how players feel about Jauron.

Lions moving on without Millen

When Lions vice chairman Bill Ford, Jr. criticized Matt Millen last week, his popularity in Michigan skyrocketed.

But the Fords, father and son, had quite the week dealing with the former Lions president and CEO, Millen.

Millen’s departure causes a second vacancy

When Matt Millen was relieved of his duties with the Lions this week, it also created an opening on one of the NFL’s most important committees.

Who will the Lions hire to replace Millen?

Detroit already has promoted Martin Mayhew from assistant general manager to general manager. But it hardly means the Lions will stop looking. Detroit has from now through the end of the season to begin compiling other candidates to interview to replace the deposed Matt Millen.

Millen, Harrington together again in unemployment

Sometimes storylines overlap so much it almost seems as if fate has brought them together.

Lions officially announce Millen firing

The Detroit Lions made it official on Wednesday afternoon, announcing that Matt Millen has been relieved of his duties as President and CEO.

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