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Marvin Lewis: Belichick too smart to add Ochocinco

And now for the latest cannon shot from Marvin Lewis over Chad Ochocinco’s bow.

Bengals’ Lewis backs bus over Ochocinco

Like many divorces, the situation between Marvin Lewis and Chad Ochocinco seems to be getting messy.

Ochocinco not over getting thrown under the bus

From Chad Ochocinco’s perspective under the bus, the tire tracks are still fresh.

Will Ochocinco be back with Bengals?

Among the crucial offseason decisions for the Bengals is whether Chad Ochocinco will be back next season. The signs continue to suggest he won’t.

Ochocinco wants respect after being called ‘mopey’

These are some contentious times in Cincinnati.

Palmer expected to make start for Bengals

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis told NFL Network’s Kara Henderson that QB Carson Palmer will start Thursday night against the Jets.

La Canfora: Marvin Lewis ‘very unlikely’ to return

Are we about to witness the end of an era in Cincinnati over the final six weeks of the season?

Do Bengals’ problems start with coaching?

Do the Bengals’ problems begin with poor coaching? Unless they reverse course, the facts seem to point to this being the end of Marvin Lewis’ eight-year run in Cincinnati.

La Canfora examines coaching hot seat

NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora takes a look at four coaches who he considers to be on the hot seat during or after the season: Marvin Lewis, Mike Singletary, Lovie Smith and Wade Phillips.

Is Palmer the problem with stagnant passing game?

Winning “ugly” might not be enough for the Cincinnati Bengals. Marvin Lewis has found himself having to defend Carson Palmer this week over the team’s offensive struggles.

Lewis responds to Bengals’ release of Bryant

The curious (and costly) case of Antonio Bryant in Cincinnati has ended, but it might not be over.

Bryant says he’s ‘getting really close’ to return

Antonio Bryant continues to remain upbeat that he’ll be on the field again soon.

Marvin Lewis losing patience with unprepared Smith

Andre Smith isn’t ready to play football, and Marvin Lewis isn’t happy.

Bengals continue to wait on Bryant

The Bengals are being guarded about Antonio Bryant‘s status, leaving a lot of room for speculation. Uncertainty abounds.

Roundup: Bryant continues to miss time for Bengals

The level of concern over the health of Antonio Bryant might have to be raised after the Bengals revealed he has missed four straight practices.

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