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Season kicked off right in Steel City

I’m not sure you could fit more into one day. It was a success for some and a disappointment for others, but no matter how you cut it, NFL’s Opening Kickoff 2009 certainly was entertaining.

Polamalu has sprained MCL, but severity unknown

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said Troy Polamalu had a sprained medial collateral ligament, but just how severe the injury is would be “speculation.”

Overtime? Overtime!

Just when you think a game is just destined to play out a certain way … this game is headed to overtime, folks.

Woodson receives Hall of Fame ring

The Heinz Field crowd quiet? It was nearly silent during the halftime celebration honoring new Hall of Famer Rod Woodson.

Halftime wrap

Steelers 7, Titans 7. Would you have it any other way? Not me.

Polamalu questionable to return after injuring knee

The Steelers haven’t made it out of the first half of their first game, and injuries already might be a concern. Safety Troy Polamalu suffered a left knee injury during the second quarter against the Titans and is questionable to return.

Polamalu’s big plays highlight first quarter

Troy Polamalu makes the plays in an otherwise scoreless first quarter.

Big Ben giveth, and taketh away

Ben Roethlisberger’s sack altered field position and changed the early tenor of the game.

U.S. Ambassador to Ireland in the house

Steelers chairman Dan Rooney is on hand for the game, but he won’t be attending many others the rest of the season.

Snoop Dogg causing a commotion outside press box

As I approached the press entrance to Heinz Field, I noticed a sudden commotion outside the door. My natural reporter’s instincts required me to investigate. It turned out that the cause of all the fuss was rapper Snoop Dogg, who was posing for photos while surrounded by his entourage.

Will Black Eyed Peas roll old school?

Tim McGraw is onstage, getting a big reaction from a pretty packed house of Terrible Towel-waving fans during his one-hour set. But the Black Eyed Peas are coming on in 20 minutes and — as somebody who has seen them a number of times — I am excited.

Everything’s black and gold in Pittsburgh

The green room backstage — which is the black-and-gold room here — is brimming with celebrities, including country-music singer Tim McGraw and his wife, Faith Hill; former Raiders WR Tim Brown and 2009 Hall of Fame inductee Rod Woodson.

Connick Jr. gets goose bumps for national anthem, too

Musician/actor/recording artist Harry Connick Jr. will be singing tonight’s national anthem, an honor he said he takes quite seriously while chatting after his soundcheck.

Want to eat healthy? Avoid Pittsburgh

The crowd is starting to swell in anticipation of Kickoff 2009.

Pittsburgh still in relative state of ‘normalcy’

In a few hours, downtown Pittsburgh will be transformed into a giant party, courtesy NFL Opening Kickoff 2009 Presented by EA Sports. For now, things appear relatively normal.

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