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QB with most to prove this year? Peyton Manning?

Quarterbacks are continually on the hot seat. Which is about as an obvious statement as saying that the Duke basketball team is rather polarizing. But which quarterbacks are on the hottest seats? How about Peyton Manning?

Pick Six: Best quarterbacks acquired via trade

A number of teams have quarterback issues, and they will have to decide between drafting a guy like Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert or trading for a guy like Kevin Kolb. But can you get a good quarterback from another team?

Montana: ‘I’ve been a Steelers fan all my life’

I was able to stop Joe Montana just long enough to find out if he will be rooting for his hometown Steelers Sunday.

Pick VI: Memorable Media Day moments

In some respects, Media Day has become an industry self-congratulatory event, where members of the media jostle for attention to try to show just how clever they can be. Kind of like the Golden Globes.

Here is a look at the top six moments.

Pick Six: Greatest moments of victory playoff edition

Think of all of the great postseason moments of all-time, where would Marshawn Lynch‘s run rank?

Montana shares thoughts on quarterbacks

Some quick thoughts from Joe Montana on draft prospects Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow and Jimmy Clausen.

Midtown Manhattan in motion as draft nears

With three hours to go before first NFL Draft red carpet, Midtown Manhattan is buzzing along. Everything seems to be as normal as it’s going to get.

Rice has rocky debut in Nationwide Tour

Jerry Rice was known for his tremendous work ethic during his Hall of Fame career. He is going to need that in golf — at least if his professional debut is any indication.

Roundup: Tim Tebow has a believer in Sam Wyche

Tim Tebow may have a lot of naysayers when it comes to his mechanics and ability to play quarterback in the NFL. But former Bengals coach Sam Wyche is not one of them.

Sitting at the center of the NFL universe

To borrow a football term, traversing Radio Row requires a head on a swivel. This is the NFL universe for the next few days, as a quick walk-around proves.

Michael Irvin makes perfect sense to me

Would you trade three Super Bowl wins and a Hall of Fame ring for a perfect season? I can see the allure.

Eagles are the perfect remedy for Vick’s rehab

Even while The City of Brotherly Love requires its athletes to weather the storm of criticism, the Eagles organization is the perfect place for Michael Vick to rehabilitate his life and resurrect his career.

Reaction to my top 20 list

Some of liked it, some think I’m nuts, and thanks to all for reading it. These subjective exercises always spawn debate, and the only things better than talking about NFL football is watching it.

Stop the madness: Romo has only one flaw

I’ve had enough of the Tony Romo amateur hour in terms of analysis as to why his performance drops off in December and January. I thought it best to shoot down a few of the bogus arguments that are based on flawed assumptions.

Montana will appear on ‘the Simpsons’

Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana will voice his likeness on an episode of the Simpsons on Sunday, Oct. 19.

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