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Pick Six: Bednarik quotes

Chuck Bednarik made fans of people of never even saw him play. Thanks, of course, to some of his notable quotes on NFL Films.

A ponytail might not be in Brady’s best interest

You never thought it would happen to a guy like Tom Brady, but he’s officially reached his mid-life crisis. You would think that a supermodel wife and three Super Bowl rings would prevent that. His new ponytail says otherwise.

Rodgers says that he has not gone ‘Hollywood’

Charlie Sheen has a point — winning is good. But sometimes it can go to your head. Just take Sheen’s Ricky Vaughn character from “Major League” — who shows up to Spring Training the year after leading the Indians to a division title with a three-piece suit, a blonde on his arm and a Hollywood attitude in the sequel. It’s all about winning.

Pick Six: Guys we’d like to see on ‘DWTS’

Steelers WR Hines Ward is in for “Dancing with the Stars,” joining the cast of has beens and who is thats which includes Ralph Macchio, Kendra Wilkinson and Chris Jericho (the favorite to take the thing). But who would you have rather seen?

Here’s a trade that needs to happen

We’ve become accustomed to blockbuster deals for quarterbacks, so how about this one?

Pick Six: Combine drills we’d like to see

I have a bone to pick with the combine. What a seemingly useless exercise. Sure it’s fun to see guys in shorts run the 3-cone drill, compete in the bench press and exhibit their hops. But does any of this really translate to football?

Pick Six: Top workout warriors at combine

Is it possible that somebody other than Mike Mamula is the biggest combine bust of all-time? You will just have to take a look for yourself.

The end of an era: Keisel to shave the beard

The Super Bowl has created many one-hit wonders during the years, but was any bigger than Brett Keisel‘s beard? Not that it matters, the beard is going away.

Pick Six: NFL player/WWE superstar comparisons

The biggest story in sports this week is the return of The Rock to the WWF. The news sent waves around the world, not only was The Rock trending on Twitter, but so was his alter-ego Dwayne Johnson. That, my friends, takes star power.

And it got me thinking, is there anybody in the NFL who carries the Rock’s charisma? Some might say Chad Ochocinco, but that doesn’t really work. Mainly because The Rock was once a champion.

Six things we love about the 2000s

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, so it’s only fitting that we take a look back at the things we love about the 2000s in the NFL. We have narrowed the list down to six here. But after giving this a look, you can join in the action down below and say what you love about the NFL.

Pick Six: Things to do on first football-less Sunday

As the 2010 NFL season has officially closed, I am comforted by the words of the immortal Stork who, when Delta was kicked off campus in “Animal House” uttered, “Well, what the hell we s’posed to do, you moron?

Owen Wilson flashing moves on the field

The crowd at Cowboys Stadium is ready to cheer for anything. A Steelers player flashes on the big screen, huge ovation from the Steelers fans. And the same thing for the partisan Packers fan cheering anything Green Bay-related on the big board.

Who do you have for Super Bowl MVP?

We made it to the press box, and we are ready to start the game. But in the meantime, we kick around our picks for Super Bowl MVP. Come on in and make your own.

Sandler draws the largest crowd

Adam Sandler has won the award for the biggest entourage on Radio Row. Not quite an Academy Award, but this has to be pretty close.

Photo: Sightings on Radio Row

Former boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and actor Hugh Jackman share a laugh on Radio Row.

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