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Live from Tahoe: Ex-hockey star Jeremy Roenick says Gronk is “the next best thing to Jesus Christ”

You never know who you’re going to run into when you walk around celebrity golf tournaments… I’m here in South Lake Tahoe, and I found ex-hockey star Jeremy Roenick on the putting green. Before he teed off, he stopped to chat for a few minutes, and it turns out, he’s a huge football fan. The Massachusetts native and ex-Thayer Academy player loves him some Patriots. And he didn’t mind saying how much. You’ll love this… “I’m a Patriots fan,” Roenick told me. “I grew up in Boston. I’m a big Patriots fan, a big Wes Welker fan, a big Tom Brady fan. So, being from that area, the Gronk is the next best thing to Jesus Christ, in my opinion. […]

Dear Internet: Oh, if only Rob Gronkowski and Kim Kardashian can get together…

Dear Interwebs: I don’t ask for much. Maybe a dumb picture here. Maybe a stupid movie there. Some sort of snarky article on Deadspin or the Big Lead will usually suffice. I’m low maintenance. But I will ask for something now. Hopefully, I’ve saved up my favors. Hopefully, one puny request won’t fall on deaf ears. Because last night, I came across this item on the gossip side of the Internet linking Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski and famous for something Kim Kardashian as a item. The “news” is short on details, and who knows if it’s real? I acknowledge that it could be completely bogus, just like all those ridiculous gossipy magazines The Banktress reads. But if it was real — […]

Gronkowski family ‘Dizzy Bat Race’ showdown uncovered

We all know Rob Gronkowski loves life. The man seems to be up for any type of challenge, including taking on his brother, Chris, in a “Dizzy Bat Race” in 2009. This is why the Internet was invented.

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