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Decision on ‘bounty’ penalties expected by end of week

League officials will spend Tuesday and Wednesday in discussion to determine the appropriate penalties for the New Orleans Saints in connection with the “pay for performance” system, according to league sources.

Players unaware of other ‘bounty’ programs under Williams

Several players who played for former Saints DC Gregg Williams elsewhere — such as Washington and Buffalo — said privately that there were never any formal “bounty” programs on those teams.

Four Downs: Packers look like throwbacks

This week, Four Downs takes a inside look ahead at four of the matchups in Week 17 and what could be key factors.

Time for a final decision on Favre

The time has come. And Brett Favre will be sitting on my bench.

Roundup: Gerhart will likely miss OTA, minicamp too

Rookie RB Toby Gerhart will miss the Vikings’ OTA next week, and minicamp in June is in jeopardy too, thanks to Stanford’s mid-June graduation ceremonies. NFL rules prohibit draft picks from participating in anything more than a rookie minicamp before their school’s graduation.

Reflections on Super Bowl XLIV

Before we turn our full attention to the combine, free agency and the draft, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on Super Bowl XLIV before we plunge full on into the 2010 offseason.

Kirwan chat: Manning played into Saints’ hands

The Saints’ defense matched up well with the Colts’ passing attack thanks to a 3-3-5 formation.

The Dallas Clark dilemma

Colts tight end Dallas Clark’s domination of safety Roman Harper is putting Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams in a quandary when it comes to play-calling.

Kirwan: Look for both teams to go no-huddle early analyst Pat Kirwan is down on the sideline, passing along his observations as both teams begin to make their way onto the field for warmups.

Saints’ Payton says it’s not time to make changes

Saints coach Sean Payton explained the Saints have made it this far for a reason, and now isn’t the time to make changes.

Walker among candidates for Carroll’s Seahawks staff

DeWayne Walker remains a top candidate to become Pete Carroll‘s defensive coordinator with the Seahawks, according to league sources.

Everyone’s to blame for the end of T.O.’s streak

Who do you blame when one of the game’s most prolific wide receivers goes without a catch for the first time in 185 consecutive games? As it turns out, everyone is to blame, including the New Orleans Saints defense.

A telling preseason for Saints

If the preseason told us anything, it told us that the New Orleans Saints are for real. They went out and started to prove it in Week 1.

News and notes as we kickoff Week 1

A quick spin around some match-ups as kickoff appraoches. The Browns held another negotiating session with WR Josh Cribbs, with a face-to-face session with his agent conducted Saturday in Cleveland. The sides continue to make “good progress” toward a deal.

Connick Jr. gets goose bumps for national anthem, too

Musician/actor/recording artist Harry Connick Jr. will be singing tonight’s national anthem, an honor he said he takes quite seriously while chatting after his soundcheck.

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